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    @DaylightHK Maybe it does work with the newer one, but I spent literally 2 days on trying to fix it on the new one, so my method was the only one that worked for me atleast.

    29 de Juliol de 2018
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    @Yggdrasilx Well my friend, possibly. But this is the ONLY thing that worked for me :)

    29 de Juliol de 2018
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    Ok, for everyone with the press L not working problem just follow these steps:
    1. Download this file: and extract it on your desktop into a folder
    2. Remove the registry of GTA V and all other Rockstar games registries. Follow the steps in this video to do that: (WARNING! IT MIGHT MESS UP YOUR PC DO THIS ON YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY)
    3. Now install the social club you got in the first download.
    4. Afterwards, download this file: (Just run the .reg file in there)
    5. In the first download, run GTA_V_Launcher_1_0_1290_2.exe and just install it.
    6. Then from the same rar move: GTA5.exe and GTAVLanguageSelect.exe to the main folder and replace the existing ones.
    7. Move the update.rpf to Grand Theft Auto V\update.
    8. Skip the 2 folders in the rar, but remove patchday18ng folder in Grand Theft Auto V\update\x64\dlcpacks
    9. Also, replace the update.rpf in the mods folder with the new one, too (it will remove all mod changes made to the file but you have to do it otherwise it'll crash)
    10. Done! But remember to ALWAYS RUN THE GAME IN OFFLINE MODE otherwise it'll update the game!!!! DISCLAIMER do the first launch in normal mode to update social club (it has to but it'll work) JUST QUICKLY CLOSE WHEN IT TRIES TO UPDATE THE GAME! And then launch it in offline mode after that. No need to do anything after that just reinstall addonpeds 3.0.1 (dont touch addonpeds dlc folder, only edit dlclist again). Enjoy your addonpeds ;)

    21 de Juliol de 2018
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    Well, only the compound and the palm trees load (not ANYTHING else, even rocks!)

    08 de Juliol de 2017
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    @Shaezbreizh Well I installed it correct and it doesn't work!

    07 de Juliol de 2017
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    Ok, damn I fixed it! The problem was, that the textures spreaded all over the face, because the model wasn't the face of Vaas, it was Trevor's face, replacing the head_000_r.ydd file in x64v.rpf file wasn't enough. You have to replace the head_000_r in Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mppatchesng\dlc.rpf\x64\models\cdimages\mppatches.rpf\player_two.
    But remember, JUST the head_000_r.ydd, DON'T MESS WITH ANY OTHER FILES IN THAT FOLDER!!

    03 de Juliol de 2017
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    reinstalled like 5 damn times, still nothing.. yes, I tried the older version, still ain't working, textures spread all over the face. Please fix!!!

    02 de Juliol de 2017
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    Face textures broken... Two stars for the fact, that atleast the clothes work.

    01 de Juliol de 2017
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