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    I just watched the video tutorial on how to add this car and I can confirm I did everything correctly but the game keeps crashing. Won't even load to be able to let me spawn the vehicle. I'm so so so so incredibly sad.

    07 de Gener de 2023
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    I can't seem to install this car. This is a car I drive RIGHT NOW. I love my little Grand Am and would love to put it in my game.

    I did all the steps in the instructions and now my game just keeps crashing. Can someone help me please I really need this car in my game. Idk what I did wrong. :'(

    07 de Gener de 2023
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    I love this mod!!!
    Can someone please make a 1978 Delta 88??? I LOVE the grill on the 78 so much more than 73!!!
    It would be really nice to recreate a situation in my life in GTA V but a 73 won't do... Until a 78 is made my dream will never come true and I don't know anything about blender I tried and almost threw my computer out the window.

    09 de Abril de 2021