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    @ilayarye I didn't have time for nothing, so if you want to release your own civilian versions, it's fine, just remember to keep windows rolling disabled with default, because it had bug spinning other axis.

    <animConvRoofWindowsAffected />

    and civilian version should stay truck/suv capable as my original was. When i have time to piddle with it, we can combine improvements.

    27 de Març de 2018
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    The problem with the police in gta5 is that they see you through the walls. While the stars are blinking, helicopter will fly right above your hiding spot and they start reeling down, then they just walk in through the door, same with police cars. When you lose them and im not in line of sight they not supposed to know where I'm at, I'm not sure if this is a bug imperfection, or intentional from devs... but I was always wondering if this would be fixable through Script natives, because effort of running away from them renders pretty much useless.

    20 de Març de 2018
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    Well...i'm in process of changing some stuff on it too, I'm doing 3D headlights for cavalcade2 version and separater crack in between bed of the truck and it's attachment, just like real Avalanche has...and few more other things. I'm going to focus on that little faster and we can combine improvements, yes please send it to me... and thanks for the police version that was really needed and I didn't have the time

    08 de Març de 2018
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    @Number1GojiFan Cadillac style is all
    8 images from beginning including 1st big one. Image 9,10,11, is Avalanche Style

    05 de Març de 2018
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    @Dizhi Search for patriot in OpenIV, it will let you see the latest updated location by R*.

    05 de Març de 2018
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    @malteeee Either type file name of the boat in trainer like snt, or you can add any of your addon vehicles to addon section of SNT, it has it's own menu.

    @NaijaMango Wait, so if you spawn it and climb on 1st time it will let you teleport into driver position from anywhere on yacht, but after you exit it will not let you teleport same way again?... If so you can try add another flag to which i already added. In vehiclelayouts.meta find
    scroll down to
    if you used mine it should have WarpIntoAndOut, and you also add
    that added to any vehicle allows teleport into driver place when standing on it anywhere.

    05 de Març de 2018
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    @VolvoDriver I will, i also have some minor updates to it, i'm just busy with work so if you want it faster, get you some DLC and replace xml lines and cars in it and you done.

    05 de Març de 2018
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    @Number1GojiFan No it's 2 vehicles, extras are making truck or suv on both, i wanted to have one like Cadillac lore friendly and 2nd like basic Avalanche lore friendly. Cavalcade is truck/suv, short, don't open tailgate in truck mode, instead opens whole rear door in suv mode. Cavalcade2 truck/suv has painted rear pillar, different wheels, tailpipe, headlight, taillights, changed front bumper and grill and it has tailgate in both suv/truck, but rear door top don't open, because we can have only 6 car doors.

    In reality Avalanche truck is little longer, like long wheel base truck, but i wanted have one vehicle doing both...short suv and Avalanche like appearance in random spawn

    05 de Març de 2018
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    @procaracas There is flag to fix driver entry in vehiclelayouts.meta supplied in folder ...If you have this file customized add WarpIntoAndOut flag into <LayoutFlags> of <Name>LAYOUT_BOAT_PREDATOR</Name>

    24 de Febrer de 2018
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    @Danilo Carlos @zzcool you both scratched this?...very nice...i wish you would have time for more complexed interior, uk, give it some poly detail on dash and center console. Also the front could use some venting, i understand it supposed to be mid-engine, so maybe side vents on lower bottoms fenders close to wheels, or directly bellow lights in fascia matching lights design... to cool breaks. ... But this is nice, i admire people who can do their own fantasy creations, i'm struggling to come up with ideas for my stuff

    btw... the rear end is quite nice, add some pics to see it better

    12 de Febrer de 2018