2009 Ferrari 458 Italia [HD] 2.3 (Files Fix)


FERRARI ITALIA 458[Assetto Corsa]

This car was made with a legal copy of gta 5, so installation may be different for pirated versions

///////the file is locked, even so, if you respect my conversion work and get fun with this car.
Do not upload and if you do for your own website! Give me credits for the converting job!
The model belongs and comes from Assetto Corsa Racing simulator

This car conversion is a total of 1 whole week and many hours of work!

Features in 2.0:
-Add-On Method, so you dont need to replace massacro or carbonizzare!

Features in 1.9:
-Full tunning! Final version!

Features in 1.8:
-Window tint is fixed now, all of them
-Yellow grids bug fixed

Features in 1.7:
-Fully functional Headlights, Totally like in Real life

-New carbon hood that fits, with unique HQ texture(doesnt use GTA V stock one)
-New Sport Spoiler

-Everything 1.4 had but windows will break again
-Headlights will break correctly now, just remember the front needs severe damage for them to pop out, it has to do with the dummy placement(cant do much if i want the front coronas to stand in place)

Features in 1.4:
-fixed tailights, new led system and no more illuminated cilinder
-fixed headlights, not tintable and breakable(they werent breakable)
-removed seatbelt parts that interefered with characters, it still has belt but not disturbing player appearence

Features in v1.3:
-colored hubs(no more white ones, but original red ones)
-mph and rpm gauges swapped for full immersion
-no more tinted middle brakelight and headlights
Features in 1.1:
-fixed rim size
-removed old rims for real life ones
-much better tire texture
-dials working, they will even display the radio station you listen to
-mapped dirt
-fixed left door
-fixed front coronas
-hands on the wheel(finally! Took me years of testing)
-3rd exhaust effects+bursting fire when accelerating
-illuminated plate lights
-fixed wheels collisions

-accurate real life scale
-full new collision 100% exact to car size
-ultra hd interior with illumination
-ultra hd engine
-ultra hd car body
-full gta 5 materials
-smooth reflections
-breakable crystals
-correct first person view camera
-working headlights leds
-brake and reversing lights
-correctly scaled tires
-working steering wheel

Source: Assetto Corsa
Conversion: vans123

Open iv required
(legal gta 5 copy) carbonizzare.Yft, carbonizzare_hi.Yft and carbonizzare.Ytd------------> update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday1ng/dlc.Rpf/x64/levels/gta5/vehicles.Rpf

(TUNNABLE PARTS) carb_bon.yft + carb_spoil_2.yft --------> x64i/levels/gta5/vehiclemods/carbonizzare_mods.rpf

Vehicles.Meta (if you dont install this or replace the lines I gave you, the car will have bugs)---> read the readme file.Txt inside the .Rar

Enjoy the mod! Thats all
Rate the mod! It took alot of work to make!

Thanks to the following people for supporting me
Kevin Meyhoff-Nissen
Jonas Schnurbus
Patrick O'Donnell
Mirko Križan
ryan parisi
Philippe LECLERC
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