2013 Metropolitan Police Hyundai I30 Pack [ELS]


Here is the 2013 Hyundai I30 Pack. Included in this pack is the marked IRV version and the unmarked Q Car version. This car serves as an IRV this was used alongside the 2014 focus and is still in service in most areas but is slowly being replaced by Vauxhall Astras and the new Ford Focus.


Install in x64e

- Credits
Model: Rogie
Convert to IV: Bleep999
Convert to V: Bleep999
Model Templating: Bleep999
Lightbar: Kieran Chandler
Lightbar Textures: ObsidianGames
SPITFIRE: Kieran Chandler
Spitfire Textures: ObsidianGames
MDT Dome: Kieran Chandler
Antenna: Matthew Cammack
Skin: Bleep999 - Luigi
MDT Console: Bleep999
MDT Texture: Bleep999
Radio: Bleep999
Dashboard: Bleep999
Siren Control Panel: Bleep999
Number Plates: Bleep999
Car Variations and Vehicles meta: Pledge8236
ELS Config: ObsidianGames

If you want to release a skin that is fine! please do not release this model with it.
Do Not Redistribute, Rip, re-convert or convert to another game without my permission!
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