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Hello Everyone:

Feel Free to create paintjobs and upload them to any site you wish. All I ask is that you credit me for the remake/template of the vehicle model and that you DO NOT UPLOAD the Vehicle Files Themselves. Please upload your great work for the model but please post a Link to this download thread so that the models can be downloaded from here.To Elaborate what I mean by the file is that you may upload your YTD file that contains your paintjobs. All I ask is that you don't upload the YFT files of the vehicle models. That way when I make improvements to the models everyone that downloads the improvements can download them here without losing there texture files that they download from you. I hope that makes it more clear as to what I am asking for from the above. Just put in your download instructions to first download the template pack and install the vehicle model you have created the paint job for. Then download your paintjob and place the YTD file over Thero's Template file. Just an example of steps.

I DO NOT CHARGE FOR MODS AS I LIKE TO GIVE TO THE COMMUNITY. If you appreciate my work and want to make a donation by clicking the button above I appreciate it and am very thankful for any that are sent.

Today I bring to you my Stock Vehicle Template Pack of Service and Airport Service Vehicles. All vehicles are of Rockstar Games Models however they have all been templated and have been made to accept multiple liveries upon adding the multi-livery enabled line in the correct file.
I created this as someone suggested that I make a Civilian Version of my Police Transport Bus along with a template version of the Metro Link Train. I just Decided to take it a step further and add a few more for people who wanted to create their own unique look of service vehicles driving around Los Santos.

The List of Vehicles is in each Version update below along with pictures.

Each Vehicle has its own folder with the files needed as well as the Template to create as you desire to mimic more real life looking vehicles (Delta Air Lines Air Port Vehicles, Los Angeles Transit Bus, Grayhound Bus, Los Angeles Metro Link Train, etc.)

Vehicle List as of 2.5 01/26/2017
Picador (Breakable glass)
Bison (Breakable glass)
Sadler (Breakable glass)
Pounder (Breakable glass)
Benson (Fixed Template & Breakable glass)
Freight Train
Freight Train Fuel Tanker Car
Metro Train
Maverick Helicopter Template
Tractor Trailer 1
Tractor Trailer 2
Tractor Trailer 3
Dump Template
Bulldozer Template
Camper2 Template
Surfer2 Template
Biff Truck Template
Tiptruck Template
Tiptruck2 Template
Flatbed Tow Truck
Rusted Tow Truck
Chrome Trim Tow Truck (Breakable Glass Now)
Hauler Overcab 18 Wheeler
Packer 18 Wheeler
Phantom 18 Wheeler
Tanker Trailer
Air Tug
Ripley Air port vehicle
Mule 1
Scrap Truck
Coach Bus
Tour Bus
Trash Truck
Boxville Utility Truck
Boxville2 Non Utility Truck
Stockade Truck
Brute Pony Van
Burrito1 Van
Burrito2 Utility Van
Rumpo Van
Speedo Van
Fire Truck (Breakable Glass Now)
Life Guard SUV
Park Ranger SUV
Riot Vehicle
Police Bike
Police Transport Van
Police Car 1
Police Car 2
Police Car 3
Unmarked Police Car 4
Prison Bus
Yankton Police Car
Yankton Police SUV
Police Boat
Police Helicopter
Sheriff Car
Sheriff SUV
Youga Van with Panel Window Covers (Breakable Glass)
Youga Van with Glass Windows (Breakable Glass)
Swift Helicopter

Version 2.5: Request and Benson Fix:
-Benson Fix Template and Breakable Glass
-Sadler Template with Breakable Glass
-Pickador Template with Breakable Glass
-Bison Template with Breakable Glass
-Sadler Template with Breakable Glass
-Pounder Template with Breakable Glass

Version 2.4: Fixes and Requests:
-Firetruck with Breakable Windows and Working Spotlights
-Tow Truck with Breakable Windows with Chrome Trim
-Youga Van With Template panel windows covers (Breakable Glass)
-Youga Van With Template with all Windows (Breakable Glass)
-Swift Helicopter with Breakable glass (Haven't tried it yet but if it works without crashing I'll be adding it)

Version 2.3: Request and Construction Equipment:
-Surfer2 Template
-Camper2 Template
-Dump Template
-Bulldozer Template

Version 2.2: Tractor Trailers
-Fixed Tiptrailer2 so that the rear of the front fenders was mapped
-Trailers Template
-Trailers2 Template
-Trailers3 Template

Version 2.1: Community Member Request:
-Maverick Helicopter Template
-Biff Truck Template
-Tiptruck Template
-Tiptruck2 Template

Version 2.0: Emergency Services and Misc Request
-Police Helicopter Template
-Police 1 Template
-Police 2 Template
-Police 3 Template
-Police 4 Template
-Sheriff 1 Template
-Sheriff 2 Template
-FBI 1 Template
-FBI 2 Template
-Prison Bus Template
-Ambulance Template
-Fire Truck Template
-Life Guard Template
-Park Ranger Template
-Police Transport Van Template
-Riot Template
-Police Old 1 Car Template and Snow Remove (Red Tire texture bug cant fix)
-Police Old 2 SUV Template and Snow Remove (Red Tire texture bug cant fix)
-Train Tanker Car Template
-Truck Tanker Trailer Template
-Stockade Template
-Taxi Template

-Remade the template for the Freight train so you can work around the side rails now. They are their own separate piece and can color them to your liking (This includes the rails to clime up the front and rear train). Fixed the interior so that it wasn't messed up, and finally added the car numbers to the template so they could be used as well.

Version 1.9: More Trains!
-Freight Train Template Added
-Boxville2 Template Added
-Media Folder removed due to size restrictions for uploads on

Version 1.8: Non Rusted Tow Truck Fix
-Updated and Fixed the Non Rusted Tow Truck so Hook shows up

Version 1.7: User Request
-Added Scrap Truck
-Added Police Bike
-Added Police Boat

Version 1.6: Utility Vans and BoxTruck Template Add On
-Speedo Van
-Burrito 1 Utility Van
-Burrito 2 Van (Can be used for Burrito 2, 3, and 4. Simply rename the files)
-Boxville Truck
-Brute Pony Van
-Rumpo Van (Can be Used for Rumpo and Rump2 Model. Simply rename files)

Version 1.5: Non Rusted Tow Truck Add
-Added non rust Tow Truck as an option (Rust areas are black now is all)

Version 1.4: Fix Prison Bus Windows
-Fixed Coach bus to not have Prison Bars in Window

Version 1.3: 18 Wheels of Steel
-18 Wheeler Vehicles (OverCab, Kenworth, Peterbuilt) Template
-Flatbed Tow Truck Template
-Box Truck Template
-Photos of Tour Bus added to Model Posting

Version 1.2: Tour Bus
-Tour Bus Template added

Version 1.0
-Initial Release
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