Chevy Express 3500 pack [ Replace | Snow | LA police | Real companies ] 1.0


My edits of 2016 Chevy Express 3500 for replace all burritos and police van.
Togetger 6 model versions and 6 liveries.

Burrito - random roof extras, liveries: GlaceauVitaminWater, Atomic=Goodyear, Water&Power=RooterGuard, McGill-OlsenConstruction=ReynosoConstruction
Burrito2 - Ladders extra, BugStars=Ronin Pest Control
Burrito3 - clean no extras except towhook which is in all models
Burrito4 - Pipes extra, McGill-OlsenConstruction=ReynosoConstruction
Burrito5 - random snowplow extra
Policet - LosAngelesSheriffDeparment

----- Features added by me -----
  • Deleted nonworking 3D dials and used 2D working dials (including radio)
  • Mirrors reflection
  • Breakable glass
  • Fixed LOD
  • Fixed engine textures (nothing extra but at least some now)
  • Split all extras to different models depending on vanilla models type
  • Made a snow version with snow and snow wheels
  • Made police version with real life light bar by DK Mods and vanilla windows grille
  • Together 6 liveries based on real life models (kept vanilla comapnies types)

---- Installation -----
Detailed installation in ReadMe file (replace burrito, burrito2, burrito3, burrito4, burrito5, policet)

---- Bugs -----
  • Van fit animation but not perfect, during animations is van a much lowered. Can't fix this as I need to change data in anims and I don't figured yet how to make edited anims work.
  • If you find any else let me know please

---- Disclaimer -----
From original model description: 'Model can be re-edited, re-uploaded and/or re-converted but ONLY if proper credits have been given.'

Feel free to create ADDON OIV pack but let me know before upload and don't upload on other site than GTA5-MODS.
If you can do interior, engine, wheels enchancements on these models, I would be glad to update this pack, with credits of course.

---- Credits -----
Original model 2005 GMC Savana form DSF, Ripped by DMN
0taku - converted model into a '16, converted to GTA V, templated, mapped,
TheHurk - window edits
DevinKan - tow hook rescaled, bullbar, ladders, pipes, snowplow, real life dev police lights
Rockstar - snow models
SCRAT - Zmodelere tutorials
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