Declasse Vigero Rumbler [Add-On | Tuning | Liveries] 1.1 (Hotfix)


"If you are the type of person to unironically wear a mullet, have a music folder dedicated to glam rock, and thinks shows like 'Angel And The Knight' or 'Yuppie And The Alien' were good entertainment, Declasse has built a car suited just for you. Popularly known as a rude gesture on wheels, this particular Vigero quickly became a halo car of eighties America with its looks-over-performance philosophy, and now it's ready to bring the rumble back into the EV-infested roads. Get out there and show everyone how delinquent you are."

The Declasse Vigero Rumbler is primarily based on the third generation Chevrolet Camaro, with a rear end based on the third generation Pontiac Firebird and front fascia partially based on the Dodge Daytona Turbo.

There are several parts that can be combined for iconic looks (Including a set of wheels on the muscle category):

  • Opulent (Stock) - A basic, early eighties look focused on a "Grand Tourer" experience. Features the "Opulent Four" engine. Primarily based on the Camaro Berlinetta trim.
  • Facelift - An alternate look for your Vigero with a more sporting edge. Primarily based on the Firebird S/E.
  • VL1 - Brings more power under the hood with a Declasse-built V8, as well as a set of liveries, skirts, hood, spoiler, and flaired bumpers. Primarily based on the Camaro Z28 package.
  • Rumbler - Featuring the same V8 from before, but with an even more eye-catching look and matching liveries. Primarily based on the Camaro IROC-Z package.
  • VLX - A set of aerodynamic parts fitted to your Vigero, and an even more powerful V8 under the hood. Primarily based on the Firebird Trans Am.
  • Prototype - Enhanced aerodynamic parts that should give you an extra edge on the track. Based on the late third generation Camaro models.
  • Drag - A separate, overhauled car, fully configured to become a straight line monster.

    • Spawn Names: jd_vigeror and jd_vigerord


    BenMcCall - Initial port, bug-fixing
    WibFlip - Customization porting, bug-fixing, drag race version
    Engetsuka - Several tweaks, customization porting, bug-fixing
    Daerius - Several customization parts
    LamboFreak - Custom engine/exhaust sounds
    RooST4R - Several tweaks, bug-fixing
    SilentSoul21 - Design feedback, VL1/Rumbler badge designs, badge textures
    Raysore - Livery tweaks
    Dani02 - Glass shards

    Livery Credits:

    HeliosAxitro - Motown Soul, Motown Funk, Motown Disco, Ride The Wave, Vice City Dusk, Vice City Dawn, Dense Racing, Team Arrow-Lozspeed, Sandy Shores Special, Black Two-Tone, Patriot 500 Safety Vehicle, Catch The Fade (Red, White, Blue, Black and Gold)
    Gogo2point0 - Daytana, Splitter, Thunderbolt, Street Devil, Sharp Tuned Car, Full-Bore Racer, Pimpin', Hunter, Tiny Racers Wedge, VL1 Decals (Red, Blue, Gold and Monochrome), Rumbler Decals (Red, White, Blue and Gold)
    Raysore - White Flames, Ghost Flames, Black Flames, Purple Flames, Yellow Flames, All Fired Up
    Professor (Direct) - Opulent Pinstripe (Red, Gold and Black), Black Stripes, White Stripes, Blue Tristripes, Orange Tristripes, White Tristripes
    Dayashi - GEO Vinyl (White, Black, Watermelon and Bubblegum), Tiny Racers Super Surfer

    Picture Credits:

    Mod Cover - AbsolutelyHalal
    Magazine Poster - HeliosAxitro
    Pictures 1 and 2 - AnnisSavestra
    Pictures 3 and 4 - JR_Death
    Pictures 5 and 6 - Saldin93
    The last 6 in order: NastyWiNN3R, Raysore, Sealyx, Engetsuka, Sirocc and Darkk

    Open the ZIP archive and drop the folder jd_vigeror into mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\
    Then go to mods\update\update.rpf\common\data and add the line:


    to dlclist.xml.

    Disclaimer: If you would like to add this vehicle to your FiveM server or modify it in some other way, please contact me on the Vanillaworks Discord first.

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