Dinka Nexus [Add-On | Tuning] 1.2.1


The mind of a race car driver is a bustling megapolis of thoughts on potential lawsuits, parties and affairs. Yet in rare, drug and harlot-free, moments of clarity, a flash goes through his neural pathways. And a miracle is born. A miracle of preposterous performance without exorbitant maintenance. Of striking beauty without bulging pompousness. And of charming affability without promiscuous submission. Enter the Nexus and brace yourself. It's showtime.

Arena War update (1.46) is required for this mod.
If you use outdated game - I'm not responsible for crashing, breaking, freezing, getting fired from work, or thermonuclear war that happens because of it.

Shameless Plug
Consider joining my discord server to keep up with developements
Click here to get an invite

- Proper LODs
- Custom COLs
- Dirtmapping
- RHD Variant
- Tuning parts
- 26 Liveries
- Pop-up headlights
- Gullwing doors with proper entry animations
- Colourable dash, seats, gauges, brake calipers
- Gauges and ICE lights up with headlights
- Engine shake, moving belts and spinning turbo fans
- License plate layout mods
- Nitrous mods (install with "Air Filter" upgrades, activate with "X")
- Wheel cambering with suspension mods

Known Issues
- None

How to install
1. Put "nexus" folder in "mods\update\x64\dlcpacks"
2. Add this line
to the "dlclist.xml" in "mods\update\update.rpf\common\data"

Spawn name
- nexus
- nexus2

IGnoTon - 3D model and conversion
GhostRiderPT and Deadman23 - Modeling tuning parts
MyCrystals! - Description

Livery Credits
IGnoTon - EX-1 Decals, Tensor
TheSecretPower - Coolhand #17, Brand 69 Drift
Stancedboss - Urban Racer, Debonaire #88, Dinka Motorsport #12
Ambient - Two-Tone liveries
OtherSideGuy - Going 9 #97, Kazama #21
Dynamo - BeastR
GogoDG - Tongvazone I & II, Dinka Motorsports #902, Break Wind GSS
dima_simple - Mad Wheels
Columbus - Redwood #21
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