BARRETT M82A3 + M107A1 [Replace, Modular, 29inch, 20inch] 3.1


The content has changed significantly in version 3.0.

Heavy Sniper mk2 replace

movable bipod inspired by metroidguy's MG42. The bipod is divided into a forward folding type and a rear folding type.
M107A1 standard muzzle brake and M82A1 muzzle brake.
QDL suppressor used in M107A1.
You can change the appearance of the M82A3 with the default barrel and the appearance of the M107A1 with the heavy barrel.
PVS-4 NV scope.
Iron sights now work.(Add 3.0)
Assigned iron sights, carrying handle, PEQ2 and PEQ15 to camo. There are several variations.(Add 3.0)
The scope has changed to a new one.(Add 3.0)

As a general rule, install all the mentioned meta, ydr, ytd.
If you replace w at sights 1 (holographic sights) with EXPS3 from FluffyPlays22's FM Shared Lite [add-on component], holographic sights are available. Details are in the read me.
Operation has been confirmed only in the story. Basically, we do not support FiveM, etc., so please do it yourself.
Please Install "alexguirre's Weapon Limits Adjuster" to avoid weapon related crashes.
Please read the Readme carefully as even a small mistake can cause a crash.
For official updates, the installation location and meta contents often change.

--Update log--
Ver 3.0 Changed the base model to a higher quality one. With the change of the base model, the composition of parts has changed significantly.

Ver 3.1 Fixed a bug in ydr and ytd that occurred due to the official update. Some META's have been updated to the latest version.

--How to installation--
Described in Readme.
Please read to the end as there are many steps.

-- glitch --
You may encounter the glitches described in my forum topic.

Barrett Firearms

metroidguy's MG42

-- credit --
Қatka ♥ (original mod)
Call to Arms Dev.
Battlestate Games

Please do not re-upload. Also, please do not upload to other sites.
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