[Don't download this mod] Spider Web Shooter + Explosive Batarang [BETA] 0.2


This mod is dead and I won't provide any support related to this mod.

There is a much better spider-man script mod:

and also better batman weapons mod:


Description: This is only a weapon and weapon hud skin mod (which make the weapon disappear when shooting web, change grenade to batarang and change icons and titles). For the web shooting ability it actually relies on the just-cause-2-grappling-hook-mod.

Installation guide lines:
1. install
spider-man pack made by me and Barak101
Batman mod made by yabatou1985
(it is a must to install the spider-man pack because without the spiderman with The Flash slow motion attack style, the web shooter will shoot at a very fast rate which is hard to control)

2. Install just-cause-2-grappling-hook-mod
(it is a must to install this mod from Julio NIB, otherwise, the spider-web-shooter can't shoot webs and the web shooter mods become pointless)

3. Use OpenIV > tools > package installer > choose webshooter_batarang.oiv and install (install it in the mods folder is better)

4. install the update pack made by Shadow:

For installation instruction in detail you can check the below link:

How to play:
Please press Ctrl N, choose Just Cause 3 mods v1.2 by JulloNIb and then turned Enabled to true and Hook mode to true
Use any trainer to choose the weapon grenade and Micro SMG
Then you will find the weapon bat dart and web shooter will appears in your weapon hud,

Web shooter control (Using the spider-man pack together):
1.right mouse key (activate spider-sense which everything will become slow motion, if you want to run it smoothly please stand still before you use the web shooter,)

2. You can target at a target and press the left mouse key to shoot the web, if you release the key then your spider-man will fly there (if it is a vehicle (you can also hijack helicopters or planes after that by pressing F) or buildings etc) or attack (if it is peds)

3. You can also hold right mouse key for a longer time and target at multiple targets, in that case, you will also bind them together.


*The batman dart model is from the mods created by yabatou1985, please have a look on his mods which is also very high quality, thanks.
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