Vom Feuer 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol (Max Payne 3 Glock) [Replace | OIV] 1.0


"For when all of that state funding and gang-banger money just can't buy you those exotic Hawk & Little armaments, there's always Vom Feuer at hand for all your concealed handgun, self defence, Second Amendment loving needs. The classic 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol from Vom Feuer, the sidearm of choice for all law enforcers and legitimate businessmen alike, now being restocked in all Ammu-Nation stores across the state of San Andreas!"

Do you miss having a classic 9mm Glock as the default GTA sidearm? Not a fan of the exotic Hawk & Little, Berretta inspired, pistol being the standard issue sidearm for all criminals and law enforcement of Los Santos? (even despite cop peds already having a Glock fully modelled into their duty belts) Did you ever wish the Glock pistol from pre-release GTA V artwork actually made it into the final game? This mod is basically an overhaul to Olanovs original Max Payne 3 Glock mod, fixing some animation bugs and bringing the overall model and its textures in line with some of GTA V's arsenal of weapons, as well as adding weapon tints and attachments bought at Ammu-Nation stores!

As of V 1.0 this mod includes the following models:

-Vom Feuer - 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol (Stock Model)
-Vom Feuer - 9mm Semi Automatic Pistol (Yusaf Amir Luxary Finish)

- Fixed weapon animations, Glock slide now properly recoils (and doesn't become misaligned after a few shots) player/ped hands now grip the model much better etc
- Improved model textures, tweaked and polished to fit right in with GTA V's arsenal of weapons
- Added details, inspired by some of "HeySlickThatsMe" lore friendly weapon mods!
- Support added for weapon tints and attachments that can be found at Ammu-Nation stores!
- A Yusaf Amir Luxury Finish model of the VF 9mm is now available to purchase from Ammu-Nation!
- Replaces the vanilla pistol slot, so it can easily be used by Cop and Gang NPC's etc, without the need for any meta/loadout file changes!
- HQ Glock Icon for the weapon wheel
- .OIV package option for quick and easy install!

Since this is my first time working on and releasing a weapon mod, it is not perfect, and there are some known issues that I've been unable to find a fix for.

Known Issues:
- Certain weapon tints (such as pink, green etc) aren't as vibrant as some of the vanilla GTA V weapons. I'm unsure if this is tied to texture or model properties, will look into this further when I can!
- Attachments such as the suppressor and flashlight may have a slight "bounce" during the recoil/firing animation, although not horrendous, it is still slightly noticeable. Sadly I don't believe there is any way to fix this without creating new animations entirely, it
is something that seems to affect many weapon mods that are compatible with the vanilla weapon attachments

Installation instructions and full changelog are located in the "Readme" file included


- HeySlickThatsMe - Glock Details and Colourable Textures

- Allen Kennedy - HQ Glock Weapon Wheel Icon

- Vx5 Voltage - Texture Improvements

- Rockstar Games - Original Max Payne 3 Glock Model

- Olanov - Conversion to GTA V

- Vx5 Voltage - Model Improvements, Bug Fixes, Animation Fixes

- Vx5 Voltage - Screenshots

- Stryfaar - OIV Package Set-Up

If I have missed anyone in the credits, please let me know (with examples)
and I will add them in ASAP

As of V.1.0 (and in accordance with Olanovs original Glock mod) I have left this mod unlocked, in-case anyone wishes to improve upon this mod to fix some bugs or make all new weapon variants from it.
If you decide to edit and/or re-release this mod in any way, just be sure to credit myself and aforementioned authors from the credits section!

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