Emblems for LeFix Speedo 1.2


Different emblems to use with LeFix Speedo.

install instructions included. All pics showing the different sizes are included in the file.

v1.2 Changes*******
added Aston Martin, added a slightly bigger BMW emblem, added Bugatti, added Ford, added slightly bigger Chevy emblem, added a slightly bigger Cobra aka GT500 emblem, Added 2 different Mustang emblems. added a slightly bigger STI emblem.
Reduced sizes of Corvette, Dodge Ram, Lamborghini and Porsche emblems.

to INSTALL just copy all files from inside brands folder to GTAV/LeFixSpeedo/Brands

you will have to go to settingsBrands.ini file which is at
GTAV/LeFixSpeedo/ and add each png brand to the list or just use my included settingsBrands.ini file
which has all the new brands already added in.

Chevy medium and Chevy small just rename the one u prefer to Chevy.
Cobra mediuam and Cobra small just rename the one u prefer to Cobra.
BMW medium and BWM small just reanme the one u want to use to BMW.
Benz1 and Benz2 just rename the one u want to use to Benz.
M3 and M3v2 just rename the one u want to M3.
STI medium and STI small just rename the one u want to STI.
Mustang1 and Mustang2 just rename the one u want to Mustang.

the files in the bigger emblems folder are bigger resolutions and take up more room on the gauge. the pics
that say bigger emblem show the larger sized emblem.

v1.1 Changes********
added STI, Mitsubishi, M3, Chevy and 1 more Dodge emblem

bigger emblems folder has bigger emblems that cover more of the gauge. also has a different m3 emblem just rename it from M3v2 to M3 if you prefer this look over the one in
brands folder.

bigger emblems folder has 2 different versions of Mitsubishi emblems whichever one u like rename it
to Mitsu. Also has a different version of RT and GTR emblems.

included pics of bigger versus smaller emblems.

under settingsbrand.ini changed or added the following:

bison and youga have dodge2 emblem which is the dodge ram emblem
gresley has dodge emblem
rocoto has porsche emblem
reaper has lambo emblem
coquette and coquette2 has corvette emblem
bestia has ferrari emblem
kuruma has Mitsubishi emblem
penumbra has Mitsubishi emblem
Dukes and Dukes2 has dodge emblem
oracle and oracle2 have bmw emblem
sentinel and sentinel2 have m3 emblem
zion and zion2 have bmw emblem
surge, picador, marshall have chevy emblem
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