Gameconfig for 1.0.1103.2 multiple fixes more cars and peds 2.0

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This gameconfig has data increased in multiple areas more then ANY other gameconfig on this site. So you will be able to add more addon peds/replace peds and cars. Also improved data to allow for more map mods to be loaded. Read through the description on how to fix rockstar editor crashes and how to fix storymode single player missions, internet on phone not working etc.

Each folder number just represents a different gameconfig with values increased as their is no one size fits all with gameconfigs. Start at folder 3 and work your way up until you find one that works.

If you have alot of peds or maps then you will have to increase handlingdata by 2500-5000.
If your rockstar editor crashes change line 381 Vehicles to 300, VehicleStreamRequest to 60, and VehicleStruct to 200.

If the internet doesnt work on your phone with my gameconfig search for APP_INTERNET then SizeOfStack value="4592" underneath it.

change stack value to 3584. If that doesnt work you have to try the long way which is go to update/update.rpf/common/data/gameconfig look up the gameconfig in there and search for APP_INTERNET the stack value should be different then my config so change the stack value in mods folder aka my gameconfig to the value in your original game config. If your missions dont work in storymode do the same exact thing search for MISSION in orig gameconfig change the sizestack value in my gameconfig to the value in your original unmodded gameconfig.

Also if your RockStar Editor crashes go to line 382 and lower the value to 300.
If you want increased Peds around town go to line 581-586 and increase the values by 25-150 depending on how many more peds you want to see. This will most likely lower fps by 1-3 and increase either your ram or vram usage which is graphics card memory.

If you want a slight boost in FPS with my gameconfig change the values below:

VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier_Base value="86" change the value to between 55-60 as its just for parked cars.
VehicleUpperLimit value="130" lower it down to 100 or 110.
PoolName TxdStore
PoolSize value="50500" lower it down to this value only if your storymode missions dont work correctly.
PoolName VehicleStreamRequest
PoolSize value="100" try it at either 75 or 80
PoolName VehicleStreamRender /PoolName
PoolSize value="100" try it at either 75 or 80
ScenarioPedsMultiplier_Base value="80" lower down to 60
ScenarioPedsMultiplier value="105" lower down to 90-95

Keep in mind depending on how many mods you have a gameconfig will only help out so much and then you will have to take out 1-2 mods to fix any graphic or texture missing issues. The best way to get rid of graphic/texture missing issues is to combine your car addons into 1-3 big dlc car packs. 2.5GB-3.9GB per dlc car pack is a good size to use. Anything at 4.0GB or bigger for any dlc.rpf file and the game will NOT load.

I have figured out how to get all tuning parts and headlights/tail lights to work on all addon cars. The tutorial is here:
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