Super Ultra Low Settings 2.0


This is for the people who have a extreme low pc
This settings can add more time to get in GTA Online but this settings will help you to increase your fps (ex.: normal 10/5fps, with this settings can increase to 20 or more fps)
You can play Online with no problems to get ban it's just a little changes in settings.xml file, this file isn't a script!

-----UPDATE ----
For 2019, it still works, it just changes some numbers and options that couldn't be changed on normal graphics settings in-game, so relax, you can still play online with your friends

**WARNING**: FOR SOME INTEGRATED GRAPHICS CARD, ON SOME LAPTOPS, THE SINGLE PLAYER CUTSCENES COULD BE VERY BLURRY IN BACKGROUND, IT IS NORMAL, IT AIN'T GONNA BAN YOU FOR HAPPENING THAT, THAT IS A CONFLICT BETWEEN THE GAME AND THE SETTINGS FILE, still it won't ban you, it's the settings file, still is original layout, it's just using some numbers that you can't change on normal graphics menu in-game, notice one of the numbers changed, is the shadows were disabled
If you want to remove that blur, try updating your graphics card driver, if you don't know how to do it, then don't do it then at leave as it is, if you successfully updated to the new version but that still occurs, then don't change anything on the in game graphics, because any change will revert to the original numbers placed on the file, and it could lag again, if you messed up, just Go to the same folder you extracted the file, remove the current one, and extract again.

This settings was used between end 2015 and the whole 2016, and until mid 2017 without any bans or warnings

Was tested several times on custom builds and on my old personal laptop HP 250 G2 were it was used for those years
Specs of that laptop (HP 250 G2)

Processor: Pentium E2180 2.00Ghz, QuadCore, no Hypertreading, no overclock, just stock CPU
RAM: 8GB 1333Mhz, DDR3 SODIMM / Single Channel
Graphics Card: Integrated Intel HD Graphics with 64 VRAM
HDD: 500GB
OS: Windows 8.1

This isn't any god miracle but in any capable pc, could be a huge difference

In that HP laptop after these settings were created, the results are the following:
Looking at sky: Before: 12fps, After: 19fps
Sandy Shores: Before: 18fps, After: 28 fps
Paleto Bay: Before, 4FPS, after: 25fps
Whole Los Santos: Before: Around 7 fps to 12fps, After: 9 fps to 31 fps, different zones of the city was huge difference
Airport: Before: 28 fps, After: 35fps
Mountains Were no difference, fps were always the same

FPS can be really different depending on your PC specs, it could be better than my old laptop, or it could be even better
if anything i can help send me a Discord Message, i'm there all days
The Dot - RLT#1152
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