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Anna Faustin (Russian: Анна Фаустина) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV who is also indirectly mentioned in The Lost and Damned.

She is the daughter of Mikhail and Ilyena Faustin. She formerly lived in Beachgate, Broker with her parents. According to Mikhail, she was born in Russia and raised in America ("I bring her here, I spoil her rotten..."), where she became Americanized. Much to her father's disapproval, she dated a biker, named Jason Michaels.

In 2008, Mikhail had her boyfriend chased down and killed by Niko Bellic. As well as his dislike of her boyfriend, Mikhail is generally extremely abusive to his wife and likely also his daughter.

After her father's death, Anna and her mother had to move into a one-room apartment near Firefly Island, as the family's home was repossessed. She dated another man, who Ilyena feared, as she told Niko, was trying to "turn her into a stripper, or worse"; Niko locates the man and, depending on the player's choice, kills him or beats him until he promises to stay away from Anna. If the player chooses to kill him, IIyena will angrily call Niko to tell him that he is like Mikhail, while beating him into submission will result in a nicer phone call. However, if the player chooses to let the man escape, Ilyena will call Niko, tearfully telling Niko that Anna ran away with the man, and now she has nobody left.


Anna was a character that definitely had an attitude, but can you really blame her for how her dad treats her? Yes he gifts her with all the luxuries, but does not give her any freedom to start her own life. After Faustin's death we can only hope that she lived a happy life and supported her mother who would definitely be mourning the loss of her husband, as she felt like the reason behind his insanity.

She has her original textures from IV that have been upscaled using an app called Upscayl. This was mentioned to me by a user named Tay Mackenzie and I cannot thank them enough for the tip!

She has facial animations that match GTA V's base npc models. However, she does not have cutscene facial animations as that is a bit tougher to make. I suggest using a mod called Character Swap if you choose to use her for missions or cutscenes.

Installation instructions:

Install "addonpeds"

add the 4 files "ig_anna" to the addon peds pack.

follow this route: Grand Theft Auto V \ mods \ update \ x64 \ dlcpacks \ addonpeds \ dlc.rpf \ peds.rpf \
or you can also install it as a replace by renaming the ped to what you want!
Ex: changing the name "ig_anna" to "ig_natalia" and replacing that model.

Known Issues:

Blood UV effects can be a bit weird, but I am still learning about this system in 3ds Max. If anyone has any tips or tricks to fix, then please let me know in the comment section!

Addon Ped Helpers:

Gameconfig for Limitless Vehicles:

Heap Limit Adjuster (650 MB of heap!):

Packfile Limit Adjuster:

Hope this helps prevent crashes with addon peds if you encounter them!

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Jason Michaels model by Terry Thorpe:

Mr. Faustin and Ilyena models rigged by me and located here:


- Version 1.0: initial release
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