Iron Man MK85 Avengers Endgame 2.0



1. Applied facial rigging to Tony Stark head
2. Improved the hair model of Tony Stark (Applied Alpha channel)
3. Applied metallic texture to Tony Stark's body
4. Now you can switch from Thor gear and infinity stones with Tony Stark.
5. Improved texture and fixed bugs for the Team Suit

At this point, I have stopped zm3 modelling for a while, due to the fact that I am quite busy after the summer vacation. So any requests related to rigging or modelling will not be entertained.

"I am Iron Man." A perfect phrase that both starts and ends an era...
Let's become Iron Man Mark 85 in GTA V!!!!
This mod is modified based on Marvel Future Fight models. To make this mod, I have amended and combined several models together.

Installation guides:
1. Download the basic requirement:
Add on peds selector
Script hook V
Script hook V donet
NIB menu

2. Download the
Ironman Avengers Endgame mod by JulioNIB: or
Ironman mod v2.481 (free version) by JulioNIB:

3. Install the MK85, TonyTeamSuit and TonyAE files as add-on ped.

4. Put all the file "MK85_armor" and "Tony Strak MK85_armor" into scripts\IronmanV Files\ armors

5. Replace the "hud v2" folder inside scripts\IronmanV Files\HUD with the folder provided

How to play:
Press Ctrl N to load the NIB menu, then choose the ironman script and select "MK85 (MFF) by nsh3t" or "I am Iron Man".
To turn off the gear of MK85, simply change the feet/shoes and task/armor with any trainers.

v1.9 (unreleased update)
Improve the hair model of Tony_AE

v1.8 (unreleased update)
testing on facial rigging on Tony_AE.

v1.7 update:
FIxed hands metallic texture and added details in the arc reactor.
Added .ini file made by BragMan

v1.6 update:
1. Fixed the shadow issue for both the Thor gear and normal state.
2. Improve the texture quality (now the metallic texture looks smoother)
3. Added emissive texture on the back side of the head.
4. Made the Thor gear as optional while default is without the gear.

Applying the normal_spec_reflect material to achieve the metallic effect (with environment map) and brighten the texture of the MK85.

v1.4 updated MK85 with Thor gear, fixed emissive texture and changing the hands model.

v1.3: Added Iron Man MK85 zombie from Spider-Man Far From Home.

v1.2 update: Added Tony Stark (Team suit) which I have customized this model myself.

v1.1 update: Added Tony Stark (MK85) with infinity stones.

Special Thanks to Nico3mus for activating my zm3 license this month.
thx for OkaymanXXI for making some screenshots for the zombie mk85.
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