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When you play GTA V, many times it happens to die in the coolest ways possible. It's too bad that the "killcam" lasts just a few seconds. Well, with this mod, the killcam lasts as long as you want, just hit Enter when you want it to stop. Now you can record the coolest ways to die in the GTA world.

If you find some bugs or have a suggestion, feel free to let it in the comments.

Source code (v1.0)
Source code (v1.0a)
Source code (v1.1)
Source code (v1.2)

1.Make sure you have installed Script Hook V into your GTA V folder
2.Download and extract the attached .rar file
3.Copy the content of the archive into the GTA V folder (make sure to copy just one of the .asi files - recommended version 1.1 as it is the latest version)
Make sure to also copy the "Afterdeath.ini" file if you use version 1.1 or above.

Default key bindings:
-Enter - skip death scene;
-K - suicide (v1.2 only).


-the mod now also enables when you get busted;
-added a suicide key (by default it's K). Read the "readme.txt" file for info on how to change it;
-fixed some minor performance bugs;
-also added a version called "1.2 - no tint" in which the "Wasted" text, the black and white tint and the camera shake effect dissapear after few seconds (just like in version 1.0), as requested by Sukhoi.

-added the posibility to assign any key to stop the mod, which by default is Enter (you have to change the key value in the "Afterdeath.ini", read the readme.txt file);
-fixed a bug where if you pressed Enter (or the assigned key) when you are alive, you would go into a infinite loading screen, as reported by WCP.

-the black and white effect, the "Wasted" text and the slowmotion effect remain after you die (watch the new trailer video). I think this looks more "pro-ish", but if you don't like it, you also have the old version in the archive.

-first release.

All credits go to Alexander Blade for creating the awesome Script Hook V.

Special thanks to WCP for the idea!
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