This is just an update to make compatible with the last version of GTA5/Scripthook. Anyway you can always find the last version under my video here, where you can also see the multiplayer version I'm working on:

New version delayed, wait and hope for the mod 😉✌.

Download the MOD here or the beta version under my video:

Download the last version of ScriptHook and ScriptHook Dot Net:

Copy the content "inside the folder BIN " of "ScriptHook" in the GTA folder.

Copy the content of scripthookvdotnet in the GTA folder.

Copy the content of my mod inside the folder "scripts".

You have done, start the game and press B to start the mod and remember the zombie doesn't spawn in the protected area o claimed area!

[Next updates (future)]
-Inventory system
-Stats system
-Upgrade system
-Cure system
-Craft system
-Loot system (death zombies and store)

[Before you ask]
-This mod don't spawn zombie like the other, in this MOD peoples transform this use more CPU but is more fun.
-In this mod people spread infection, this use more CPU but is more fun than the other.
-In this mod people transform into zombie and will be cured, this use more CPU.
-In this mod there is a special algorithm that make zombie attack other people not just the player and this use more CPU.

Now that you know the main difference from packman and battlefield in terms of usage of the CPU we can continue .

This is a MOD that I'm creating you can see the preview here:

This is different from the concept from many other zombie games or mods.
My idea is to infect people (not just spawn zombie), there are 3 type of people:
-Alive infected (you can cure, the yellow dot)
-Death infected (red dot , can't be cured, you must kill them)
-Unknown (you don't know from there they come, blue dot)

They can infect other people, they random be infected by the virus.
If you make noise they come from Unknown.

I also will add many stats and survivor skill.

You will see the number of zombie become more and kill all the people.
Can you survive the virus?

The MOD for the part of the zombie and infection WORK as you can see in the video, I need to work on optimization and add survivor skill.

P.S. Left lower corner there is also a Radio NEWS system implemented, for how many people are infected, death and what are doing the military/police.

P.S.S. If is not clear, the difference is the main concept of the idea of zombie plague. My intention is start in a clean city and spread the virus, the other games/mods spawn infected and you need to survive.



If you have a video with the link of my mod in description I'll add your video in this section if I like it (only one link for people).
Since I receved already a lot of request, there are 6 slot for any language.
Write a comment with your Youtube link and your language, if you have from 1000 to 100k there are 2 slot language and more than 100K there are 4 slot language.
Is important you write the language of your videos.

If you have photos of the mod I'll add your link here , 1 link for multiple photos (language not needed).

Fan content:
sophia616 photos , I love them:

Questa è una MOD creata da me DrMagus5 potete vedere una Preview qui:
Italian DrMagus5
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