HDN mod 1.2.9



v1.2.9 feature preview:
What's new in HDN mod v1.2.9
New features:
Girlish Stand pee style.
Make nearest ped pee (change pee ped feature).
If you want more detail about this mod, please go to my blog at:
You are using HDN Mod.
Hello, I am HDN (aka 123iamking), You may remember me from GTA IV: Execution mod, Adult mod, Brain Control mod, Pee mod, ... Now in GTA 5, I give you HDN mod, the all-in-one mod as an effort trying to bring all of my GTA 4 mods to GTA 5 - it takes time, of course, so I'll add new features to this mod and this mod will never finish - it always growing :)
HDN mod has so many features but don't worry, you can learn how to use those features when you're in the game, this mod has help feature that helps you do that. Also you can visit to read these features in detail.
HDN mod will give you the power you always dream of.
Put the file XXXFunnyThings.asi and XXXFunnyThings.txt in your GTA 5's main folder where GTA5.exe is located, still confuse? please go to my blog for more details.
You need ScriptHookV (by Alexander Blade) to make this mod work, get ScriptHookV at
and here is the forum about ScriptHookV
Still confuse? please go to my blog for more details.
When you're in game, hold Z then press Enter to open HDN menu, in HDN menu, you can use help feature to see how to use this mod.
If you can't remember the combination Z+Enter, you can access BRIEF>Help in GTA V's pause menu when you just start the game, and you will see the help message which reminds you about Z+Enter.
Still confuse? please go to my blog for more details.
*Contact/Bug report:
Any bug? please report to
my blog is
For update history, please go to:
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