Mission Creator 0.4.1


Do you love Designing Your Own Missions™? Well now you can, again! Create your mission from a variety of objectives and options, and share it with the world!

When typing in objective names, you can use color codes using the characters "-=". So for red text you'd do "-=r-=This is red text.", etc

Known Issues
Random game crashes are still being investigated, if you crash, please post in the comment section when it happened and what were you doing at the time.
Please post a comment if you encounter any.

Requirements & Installation
1. Download RAGE Plugin Hook and install it.
3. Drag everything from the zip into your GTA5 directory.
4. Start the game using RAGEPluginHook.exe
5. Once ingame, press F8!

If you're having issues with the mod, follow the next steps:
1. Run the game as admin
2. Download the latest RAGEPluginHook.

If that didn't work, post a link to your RagePluginHook.log file and I'll try to help you.

-- Fixed it up to run on the latest RAGENativeUI and RAGEPluginHook. Huge thanks to Jeason for bringing this update!
- 0.4
-- Added waypoints! Now you can make proper cutscenes and make actors do actual stuff! Awesome!
-- Added a copy function.
-- Bunch of bugfixes
-- Released sourcecode: You can help by adding stuff to the model, animation, weapon lists, etc.
- 0.3
-- Added cutscenes.
-- Fixed on-foot camera being somewhat broken.
-- More bugfixes.
- 0.2a
-- Added ability to load select interiors for your mission.
-- Bugfixes
- 0.1.1a
-- Changed how load and play mission buttons work so you don't have to type anything now.
- 0.1a
-- First public release
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