PedControl SquadFunc 1.4



you have to set vehicles inside the vehicles.cfg file either the add-on or game vehicle
because the file only has add-on vehicle
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Hey, this is a bodyguard & PED control scripts the bodyguard function has many ability same goes to the PED control function

This script is a great script which I have been developing since last year I have include many functions into this script you can control any PED in the streets it also has history for all the PED you have control you can also spawn a ped clone a PED possess near PED you can also command a PED in the PED selector history or add them to squad
entering squad or peddcontrol vehicle now allow you to seat in the passenger seat

The bodyguard function has 3 squads each squad with is own abilities each squad settings is store for later use
the squad can be spawn with their own vehicle either add-on vehicle or existing vehicle
now squad PED can open a vehicle door for player
squads can now escort player with lineup escort & accurate driving style
spawn squads with add-on vehicle
spawn squads with specific peds

This script also allow a switching of Player PED to have a separate bodyguard each select player PED can have their own bodyguard
this can be enable in the settings

1.2 to 1.3
  • Added Recruit nearest ped
  • Added Squad Vehicle GOD mode (Infinite Health, Auto Repair, Auto Clean)
  • Added Can now set Play Animation in .ini file

  • 1.3 to 1.4
  • Bodyguard Numpad nums include in .Ini configure.
  • Add option for "squad 1" follow & stay with "squad 2" or targeted PED in squad 1 setup
  • Save Squad Now you can save squad data (peds, vehicles, health, weapons) and restore them back
  • Save Current PED Now you can save current PED including their vehicles and restore it back
  • Other issues fixed

    Choose their weapon secondary & primary
    Choose their own vehicle and model include add-on !

  • Style = set custom style at CustomSquadPeds
    default My Crews.ini, ArmouredModels.ini
  • Vehicle = set vehicles at vehicles.cfg
  • Driving style = Normal, Rushed, Gangstar
  • Teleport = Squad to Player & Player to Squad
  • PlayAnimation = Stand Guard
  • Squad = up-to 8ped per squad
  • Vehicle = on foot, your custom set vehicle also support add-on vehicle
  • Follow Player = Squad will follow player
  • Stay with Player = Squad will always stay with player & follow player anywhere onfoot on vehicle this function make sure that squad never stay far from the player
  • Etc = With many other functions

  • come back here = squad will drive or run to your position
  • come pick me up = Squad will drive to your position and open the door for you
  • run drivetowaypoint = squad will run/drive to waypoint
  • Escort my vehicle = this function allow squad to escort your vehicle also include a lineup escort

  • Rappel From Heli >
    Enter/Leave Vehicle >
    Chase current Player >
    Fight against player >
    Flee current vehicle >

  • Call Squads = call all the squads with their defined setup
  • Dismiss Squads = dismiss all the squads
    Go to waypoint = Make the squads to run/drive to waypoint
  • Re-call Squads = squads will run/drive to player pos
  • Squads Escort me = make the squads to escort your vehicle with lineup best escort script
  • Park at myside = squads will park their cars beside you
  • Guard playerarea = squads will guard player cur area
  • Re-Vehicle Function = allow squads to enter/leave their vehicle, can also be used to land a heli/plane
  • All Squads Settings = you will be able to set squads settings function
    the settings has so many functions to be set

  • double tap duck in squad vehicle = this make the squad leader to drive to specific waypoint

  • aim+vehicleduck at PED = this allow you to select & control any PED in the streets
  • jump+vehicleduck = to switch PED from PED selector history duck key is X on Keyboard & On Gamepad you use sprint button
  • PED selector history = it store history of PED you have control to be able to use them again you can also make a command on them by selecting a PED in the PED selector history
  • PED Favourite history = it show ped you have specific in the FavouritePeds.xml
  • Give All Weapons = this give the player or PED all weapons
  • Possess Near PED = you can possess the near PED
  • Clone current player = you can clone current player
  • Etc = with many other options Including PED control settings

  • How to use
    (Z) key will open the Functions menu, this allow you to explore the script functions Squads functions PED control functions

    Command Key
    (X) you can use the command key to command squads each squads has is own maker color to identify them

    On foot comand Aiming & tap
  • Aim+tap at ground = Squads will run to the aim pos
  • Aim+tap at a ped = if other squad PED do nothing if it's street PED attack him
  • Aim+tap at a vehicle = if empty vehicle enter the vehicle else if it's squad vehicle exit the vehicle
  • Aim+tap at Squad heli/plane = land heli/plane
  • Aim+tap at player = Squad will drive to player position & open the door

  • On Vehicle command Aiming & tap
  • Aim+tap at ground = Squad will drive to the position
  • Aim+tap at a ped = Attack ped from the vehicle
  • Aim+tap at vehicle = if squads vehicle then excort player vehicle else chase the vehicle

  • PeddControl key on foot
  • Aim+VehicleDuck = can be use to select a ped
    to control any PED in the street

  • How to install
    Extract all the files into /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts/.

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