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  • De61c4 picture 1486356830

    Thanks bro, I've been waiting for this car since 2020, needs some more update but looks great nonetheless

    02 de Setembre de 2021
  • De61c4 picture 1486356830

    i've installed the files as instructed in the description but some props are missing like doors, chairs and many more, it's just empty rooms, did i do something wrong or did I miss some steps or requirements? pls help

    25 de Febrer de 2021
  • De61c4 picture 1486356830

    @iammistahwolf thank you very much! and about the enhanced melee combat, you can try installing version 2.10.1/older version or do not use any euphoria mod, if this doesn't work, I'm sorry but I have no other solution

    17 de Febrer de 2021
  • De61c4 picture 1486356830

    stuck at Mount Chilliad part, killed all the enemies but it didn't get me to the next section, I couldn't open the menu at that part either, pls help

    11 de Gener de 2021
  • De61c4 picture 1486356830

    Coolest carbinerifle model imo, a little bit problem with first person sight but i've figured out how to fix it, also the magazine is slightly not in the right place but it's not a big deal, the rifle still looks normal nonetheless. If you have some free time, can you make SCAR 17 with folded iron sights?? that would be really cool lmao

    05 de Desembre de 2020
  • De61c4 picture 1486356830

    Pls help, I can't use the vision hax menu, whenever I turn on the night vision or thermal, it goes back to normal automatically and whenever I use the thermal on aim, there's an annoying rapid clicking noise, I want to get rid of that, anyone know how to fix this??

    26 de Novembre de 2020