Random Start V2.92



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Random Start V2.92

Start your game as a random character in a random scenario, or as a saved character in no scenario you decide, thousands of random locations, some now trigger new street phone missions.



    -- Random location Ped on start.
    -- Saving a custom peds including face blend data and Overlays for Freemode peds.
    -- Settings done through a menu system. (Default bind is 'L' key)
    -- Permanent death..with a funeral.
    -- Prison sentences. (Still may need some improvement)
    -- Assimilate Ped. (become any nearby ped)
    -- Reincarnation.
    -- Start directly into a street phone mission.

Place the scripts folder in the zip file into your 'Grand Theft Auto V' folder.
The Language folder contains a variety of languages, translated using google translate. Your language will be automatically set via the game language, you can manually set yours in 'LangSupport' in the 'RSettings.Xml'.
-1) = Auto-select;
0) = Default;
1) = English;
2) = Chinese;
3) = ChineseSimplified;
4) = French;
5) = German;
6) = Italian;
7) = Japanese;
8) = Korean;
9) = Mexican;(Couldn't do this language as it was not in the google translate list)
10) = Polish;
11) = Portuguese;
12) = Russian;
13) = Spanish;
How to make menyoo compatable with death/arrest system
1)Open Menyoo menu.
2)Navagate to settings.
3)Navgate to Reset Player Model Upon Death (SP).
4)Toggle to off (red).

Required Files
The RandomStartSettings.exe requires the PriceDown Font.

All the free DLC's installed...
NativeUI 1.91+
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8
Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019
Script Hook V
Community Script Hook V .NET v2.10.14 or higher

This mod uses all the vehicles avalable, these require an up-to-date trainer so they don't despawn.
Any of these will work.
Add-On Vehicle Spawner

Known Bugs and Compatibility Issues

- Use of any start game move player mods.
- Can enter a blank loading screen after death/arrest or on load. if you have this happen first make a copy/move or rename your log file so you can send it to us for bug fixing. Pressing your menu open key Default is 'L' or reseting the mod via .Net reset key will bring back the game screen.
- See how to make menyoo compatable with death/arrest/Reincarnate system.

Change Log
Version 2.92
  • Fixed ped voice not saving.
  • Fixed Hair cut for freemmode not saving.
  • Removed the invisible chris ped when a failed reincarnation is passed.

Version 2.91
  • Fixed major bug over loading the outfit saves with blank numbers.
  • Renamed SavePed File Again and added a fix to saves effected by the earlyer update..

Version 2.9
  • Fixed loads of OutofRange null Refs.
  • Fixed Initial start to load without the several seconds of pause.
  • Fixed asset bloat on restart.
  • Fixed missing map/land on cayo restarts.
  • Added extra compatability with new street phone missions now Service and Worker options will enter directly into a mission.
  • Changed how ped details are stored and reloaded.
  • Added multiple outfit saves for saved peds.
  • Added hair overlays and named them, now freemode hair is handled diffrently.
  • Added more descriptions to the menu.

Version 2.81
  • Added controler support for opening .
  • Added new RNG for better randomness.

Version 2.8
  • Updated the tattoo lists with the new tattoos.
  • Updated the weapon list with the new weapons.
  • updated the vehicle lists with the new vehicles.

all the help on finding functions from here
MAFINS -- great tool for finding animations, vehicles, props, peds etc
rootcause -- The Cayo Perico functions

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