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SelectiveFire allows you to change firing mode on automatic weapons, like assault rifles and SMGs, so you can shoot on full-auto, semi-auto and burst fire modes.

I recommend you the Weapon Recoil script, which increases the guns spreading, reducing your accuracy and making SelectiveFire more useful!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm not currently working too much on GTA script stuff, so since I don't want to "block" SF progression, future improvements of the SelectiveFire idea will be released by @Kryo4lex on this "fork".

How does it work each fire mode?
When the gun is on Semi-Auto fire mode, you can't shoot more than one bullet per trigger push. This means you have to release and press again the shoot button on your mouse to shoot the next bullet. If you keep pressed the shoot button, the gun won't shoot more than one time.

When you're using Burst fire mode, each time you press the shoot button, the gun will shoot three bullets, and then nothing else, until you release the button. If you press and release quickly the button, before the gun shot the three shots, it will automatically shoot the remaining shots. If you keep pressed the fire button, the gun won't shoot more than three times, so you have to release and press again the fire button to shoot another 3-shots burst.

Obviously, you can still use the Full-Auto fire mode, default gun shooting mode, where the gun will keep shooting as long as your finger is keeping pressed the fire button.

You can know what fire mode is activated with two types of notifications: a notification box above the game's map, and a image shown on the top-left side of the screen. You can change the images (they're located on the “selectivefire” folder), and on the mod's config, you can change the images' size, as well as configure them to auto-hide (or not) and the time they will be shown on screen.

SelectiveFire is not just a mod to have alternative fire modes in your guns.
Auto-Stealth mode when aiming: something i like from Stealth mode is the character's animation when aiming, is quite “pro” and it's also less exposed to enemy fire. With the auto-stealth mode, when you aim your weapon (it can be any weapon, including weapons without alternative fire modes), your character will enter on Stealth mode automatically. You can also make your character automatically disable Stealth mode when stop aiming.
The mod actually has a hotkey to activate stealth mode, because i though it'd be possible to activate stealth mode with the Crouch mode, but it's not... so i'll probably remove it on the next version. - you can use Stance mod by jedijosh920.

As you know, when you reload a mag-fed weapon (like pistols, SMGs or assault rifles), your character throws the mag to the floor. This means, when you manually reload your weapon with some ammo remaining on the mag, this ammo should be lost (since you throw the mag to the floor), but it's still on the weapon ammo count. What the WasteAmmo module does is discount from weapon's total ammo the remaining bullets on the mag, when you manually reload a gun, no matter how many bullets were left on the mag your character just throw on the ground.

-v1: initial release.
-v2: now with controller support, and no longer needed to change the Mouse Input Method to "Windows", now you can use that input method you want. The controller support is for firing, so burst and semi-auto modes will work when you use your controller, but you still have to press a key on your keyboard to change the fire mode.
The Stealth hotkey was removes since it was useless, and now there's another module available, the "reallistic aiming", featuring two "camera effects" when you aim (a "shake" effect when you just started aiming, and a "moving camera" effect to simulate your character's breathing while aiming).
Some errors were fixed: there's no longer the "semi-auto firing" bug (your character stop aiming when shooting on semi-auto), and while you're shooting a burst while aiming in cover, if you stop aiming while still in cover, the character will end shooting that burst, and then, automatically will get back into cover.

This mod's got a INI file to configure hotkeys and other config, but you can use this web config tool to create the INI file graphically. – on future versions i will include NativeUI on the script.

You need ScriptHookV and ScriptHookV DOTNET plugins in order to run this mod, as well as this two plugins' dependencies. To install SelectiveFire, just copy the DLL and INI file and the selectivefire folder in your /Grand Theft Auto V/scripts folder.

I want to improve SelectiveFire with more functions, as well as fix some errors the mod's actually got:
Errors to be fixed:
  • When firing a burst, if you interrupt it (for example, by going on ragdoll, climbing a ladder...), you keep shooting that burst after that interruption.
  • Please, report more issues!

Ideas and next features:
  • Include NativeUI menus
  • Include a new ReallisticMags feature: save the ammo in mag when you holster a weapon, climb a ladder...
  • Improve the ReallisticAiming module with a "recoil" function: make the sight (crosshair) move up when you shoot, making the game more harder (and making sense on the "selective fire" stuff, so shooting burst would reduce recoil).
  • Create another reallistic function, making automatic weapons decrease their fire-rate when shooting for longer, on full-auto, a long burst - due to weapon's overheat.
  • Please, comment your ideas and requests!


  • Kryo4lex for helping on remove the "mouse simulation" method to stop and force weapons shoot, making it with native functions, as well as giving some ideas and advices.

  • Arthok for offering help

  • Eddlm for helping me on GTAV scripting stuff in general
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