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Simple Seatbelt


This mod adds a seatbelt system to gtav, while the seatbelt is enabled you can
1. Not be thrown out of your car.
2. Not fly through the windscreen.
3. Not exit your car.

How to use it: Standard = U
Check the ini to change the keys.

install: Copy and paste all the files inside "files" into your scripts folder.

You need:

1. Scripthookv
2. Scripthookvdotnet
3. NativeUI

Incompatible Mods:

1. Manual Transmission (Seatbelt it self doesn't work and animation doesn't play)

V1.0 The seatbelt mod.
V1.1 Fixed the bike bug.
V1.2 I added new custom sound effects (Thanks to leihebi:
V1.3 Fixed all the bugs.
V1.4 Added new custom logo's, Thanks to @dani703q. We are also now working together to make the mod better.
V1.5 Added different sounds, added controller support, added a new animation and fixed the bug: Being able to use it on a boat.

OneMinuteYT Channel:
You are free to add video's to the mod by adding it to

Bugs: Some LSPDFR mods makes the mod useless, you see the icon and everything but you can still get out of the vehicle with seatbelt on.

Credits: @OneMinuteYT @dani703q

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