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Your Own storyline
If you've always wanted to write your own storyline for GTA V, then this ASI plugin is for you.
It allows you to remake the entire game with custom missions, and - contrary to ScriptHookV dotnet and similar scripting environments - !! it can save and reload !! your script, it supports world persistence and player persistence, and it can effectively replace the un-editable YSC script files.

It has its own well-dcomented scripting interface, along with a clever compiler, and a simpler one too.

This plugin can even be used - in conjunction with the Empty Map mod - to make Total Conversion mods.

NOTE, that any mod that's stick to the original storyline scripts (eg. mission packs, achievement tweaker tools) will not work correctly with this mod.

Package contents
- The ASI plugin itself, along with its required database files
- v2 (Advanced) and v1 (Simple) copmiler, along with documentation
- Readme files: Full documentation about using the mod, with binary interface doc, and various examples
- Game menu refurbisher

- ASI Loader
- ScriptHookV
- OpenIV (if you wanna install the menu refurbisher)

This mod uses its own menu instead of the original GTA menu. The menu uses the following controls:
- Interaction menu ('M' by default): Show/Hide Load game menu
- Forward (Accelerate) ('W' by default): Up
- Backward (Decelarate) ('S' by default): Down
- Enter vehicle ('F' by default): Select/Execute
Mouse also works in menu!

'Ancient' (outdated) versions (1.0-1.8.1) can be downloaded as one ZIP, packed to an 'Ancient Versions' ZIP.
1.0: first version

- fixed 0026 opcode
- new opcode (0048)

- police restarts are now loaded back from saved game (a code line was missing)
- money stats added stats database file

- added: feature check and feature enable opocdes (2 new opcodes)
- added feature: automatic radar blip handling (5 new opcodes)

- blip handler can set radius-type blip's alpha now (1 new opcode)
- improved documentation about 'feature handling'

1.2: new feature: pickup handler (3 new opcodes, 1 new feature ID - see opcode 004B)

- new feature: object handler (6 new opcodes), map file handler (2 new opcodes)
- new feature ID (see opcode 004B)
- Complete restructured help files

1.3.1: object handler object duplication and deletion bugs fixed

- menu: instructional controls are now shown
- menu: restructured code (faster)

1.3.3: fixed crash when loading savegame with non-Michael player model

1.3.4: fixed object duplication bug, when reloading game with global-var objects

- Object location setter opcode (1 new opcode)
- 1 new feature ("Multiplayer persistence"), 4 new powerful opcodes
- Code restructuring to cut off most minor bugs

- 1 new feature: saving cars in garages (cubes), 3 new opcodes
- Minor bug fixes

1.5.1: 2 new math opcodes (int to float, random float)

1.6: MAJOR BUGFIX: Floating-point native result getter (0020:) will return correct results from natives!

1.6.1: World reset bugfix (vehicles are now deleted), wasted-busted thread bugfix

- 1 new opcode for multi-protagonist persistence
- New feature: string lists (5 new opcodes)
- Debug print opcode
- Compiler intrinsic opcodes (2)
- Updated weapons' and weapon components' database files

- 2 new string list opcodes
- Menu can now use mouse
- Published the YOS script binary format(!!!)

1.7.1 [NC]:
- Menu uses GXT instead of hardcoded text
- NEW COMPILER is ready. Works like charm. Much easier to script in it, than before!

- 3 new opcodes
- Memory leak fix
- Auto blip removal upon session change

- Compiler bug fix. Properties now work correctly.

- Compiler bug fix. Strings are now initialized properly.
- Script Engine thread duplication bug fixed.

- Compiler bug fix. The "not" keyword works correctly.

- Compiler database bug fixes
- Compiler code generation bug fixes
- Compiler "Search" feature implemented (find native/function/text easily)

- Compiler bufgix. Method calls are compiled correctly.
- Compiler database bufgix.
- Script Engine: Customizable menu layout and strings via the layout database file.
- GTA V pause menu refurbisher (a.k.a. Menu Disabler): remove dangerous & unnecessary stuff from game's pause menu.

- Compiler bugfix: 'Object' typename keyword works. It was misspelled.
- Compiler: new keyword to be used exclusively with some natives as null pointer string
- Garage handler bugfix, session change bugfix. Not 'real' bugs, but vulnerable, unsafe bugs.

- Cars' liveries are now saved/reloaded. (Livery is the pattern that covers a car, if any.)

- Code restructuring (faster and simpler), cleaning up some messy details

- New opcode (support for Custom ScriptHookV drawable textures (see 'drawTexture' function from ScriptHookV))

- Compiler syntax highlighted word list updated
- Minor bug fixes in cross-session unregistered radar marker handling
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