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    Another proof that GTA is a game that can be anything it want. Trucking? There's a mod for that. Be a cop? There's also a mod for that. Become a successful entrepreneur? A farmer(this mod)? A superhero or become Jesus himself? There's a mod for that!

    08 de Octubre de 2018
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    A few things that may need improvements:
    a) Make sure only you can check traffic. I got hit by a cop from the back and next thing I know I flew all the way to the Airport.
    b) Disable wanted level when checking traffic. While it is amusing to destroy roadblocks and incoming police by checking traffic towards them I think we should be able to check traffic in peace.
    c) Optional: Earn money when you check traffic.

    29 de Juliol de 2018
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    *Memories of Burnout Revenge floods in*
    That aside, to be more closer to BR Traffic Checking you should be able to smash through traffic without losing speed at all. Maybe increasing the weight of super cars will help.

    26 de Juliol de 2018