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    @Wetter42 I've finally fixed my PC and got my hands on GTAV again. I've tried your mod and it's awesome. Now it's really enjoyable to fly Hunter. Great job!

    Fa 3 hores
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    @Xx WolfRam xX Sorry for the late reply but no I don't have any plans to expand this mod.

    fa 9 dies
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    @Wetter42 That's cool you've finally made it =) I can't test it since I don't have GTA5 installed due to issues with my PC though. But I'll definitely try it out when I can. Thank you. It's been 1 year and 2 month of waiting =D

    16 de Abril de 2022
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    @DeXtRo13 it works with any vehicles (vanilla/addon). Just use PDMTool.exe to add an addon vehicles.

    09 de Gener de 2022
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    @suosao there's a mod that supposed to fix that issue but according to my experience and other user's comments it doesn't work. But in case you want to try it by yourself here's the link to that mod:
    There was also a rumour that if you increase the value of "RADAR_BLIP" in gameconfig.xml it would help. But it also doesn't work. Disappearing blips is a well known issue and nothing can be done about it since the blip limit is hard coded. The only solution is to disable one or few mods that spamming your map with a big amount of blips. If the mod has an option to turn its blips off in the settings (Enable All Interiors for example) I suggest you do that until you finish the story mode.

    01 de Gener de 2022
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    @suosao This mod doesn't affect mission or any other blips. You probably experience those issues because you have some mods that draw a lotta blips on the map besides my mod. GTAV has a limited amount of blips that can be shown. And if you have mods that use a big amount of blips, the native blips (mission blips, point of interest blips, etc) will start to disappear. My mod uses only 6 blips on the map. So check other mods if they draw too many blips and turn their blips off if they have such an option, after that restart the game or reload the savedata. BTW it's always recommended that you use any mods only after completing the game's story.

    01 de Gener de 2022
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    You should sell this mod for $60!

    20 de Novembre de 2021
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    1) using CodeWalker's "RPF Explorer" go to GTAV/mods/update/x64/dlcpacks/chevroletlt4/dlc.rpf/x64/audio

    2) Switch "RPF Explorer" to "Edit mode" and open "chevroletlt4_game.dat151.rel" file. The editor window will show up.

    3) Press Cntr+F and in "Find" window type "MasterVolume". You'll see "<MasterVolume value="1300" />" string. Just change "1300" to any value you want. For example if your desired value is 900, the string should look like this: "<MasterVolume value="900" />" (Once again, without the quotes of course. Only the value should be in quotes).

    4) In editor window go to File>Save.

    5) Close editor and close RPF explorer. That's it.

    30 de Octubre de 2021
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    @avivr that's because content (missions) for Mission Maker (or Build a Mission) should go to "Misc" category, not "Scripts".

    26 de Octubre de 2021
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    @trash8 oh cool. thanks

    24 de Octubre de 2021