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  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @firepopcorn123 He creates one around himself. Just because you are only familiar with him through the MCU, doesn't mean you know anything. Read the comic books and you will see I am right. He is warping reality around himself. That is why they call it "magic", in case your super brain was wondering.
    You are funny for trying though. I was just trying to help a guy out that asked for info. From what I can tell, you are just trying to be an asshole.

    01 de Desembre de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @IX- I was just making casual conversation as a fan of the show Naruto. Why do you got you panties all up in a bunch? I said I liked the mod. I guess your brain skipped that part. Next time you need to let out your pathetic teen anxt, do it alone. Your rant shows insecurity and desperation. You only jumped on because the creator did. You're a sheep.

    11 de Octubre de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @nmodds The many arms things only happens inside illusions, or other dimensions. Such as the one he is in the scene in the movie. So you could say it is tied to him using alot of power, but it is spesifically power that has to do with sensory magic. Like he created the endless loop in the movie. For the most part, he either uses his hands, only two, using various signs. And when he has to power up a bit, he uses the Eye of Agamoto, as it is a very powerful mystical artifact. Of course his cape comes into play at times as well, but not all that much.

    27 de Setembre de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    Awesome! Though I feel like I have to point out that this is not pain. This is Yahiko as one of the "pains." Pain, the real Pain with a capital P, is Nagato.

    20 de Setembre de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @Joe Gillian Gotta agree with the sentiment of giving to the community. But keeping that in mind, I don't think paying 2 dollars to have endless access to all the MODs he has ever created (not counting future creations) is all that greedy of a price. You can just pay 2 dollars one time, download all the MODs and you keep your access after unsubbing. Just as long as you pay those 2 dollars. Considering the amount of mods, and the work that has gone into them, that is seriously cheap for the individual. Any one of his mods as a DLC to a game would cost at least 20 bucks each. You get Superman, Iron-Man, Thanos, Magneto, The Flash, Green Goblin, Ghost Rider, Goku, The Hulk and various other mods. So yeah, it isn't free, but you sure aren't paying alot for his time when you consider how much time it must have taken to create all those mods, and you get them all for 2 dollars. That is less than a cent for what I am sure is hours of his time. No coder in the world would work for that to "make a buck." He could have charged so much more if money was the intent.

    01 de Setembre de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @Joe Gillian Ok. I don't find it all that clean that the Thor mod and Spidey mod cannot function at the same time. Thor cannot fly properly if you got the Spidey mod. That alone is a pretty big no no in their coding. That being said, the Spidey web swinging is the coolest thing in any mod ever. I can spend tons of time just webbing around the Sky Scrapers. It is so cool! But they lack enemy functions. Julio just has better co-funtionality amongst his mods. And his mods are better made visualy speaking, though that comes 2nd to actual gameplay. But still, it is a plus in his corner. Also, he made the Flash mod. That is just the best mod ever IMO. No other MOD has even come close to have taken up so much of my time. I even have a few Flash alternatives on this site dedicated to me as I designed their looks. I just love speedsters. I think I have over 35 different looks just for that MOD alone.

    31 de Agost de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    That bow is SICK! So are these suits. Very impressive work.

    27 de Agost de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    Awesome work!

    23 de Agost de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @TheRunningChaser Lol. This mod replaces exactly ONE file, the rope.ytd. Even if you didn't do what any modder should and create a MODS folder, you can still just delete that rope.ytd, check the game cache via steam, and it will be fixed in no time at all. You gave this half a star because you suck at modding. It is not the MODs' fault that you are dumb.

    24 de Juliol de 2018
  • 5c4dfd joker4

    @master3596 Agreed. Though I also like the Cap, Spidey and Thor mods too. They are not at the same quality level as JulioNiBs mods that is for sure, but they are certainly not bad.

    23 de Juliol de 2018