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    Excellent. I lost hope thinking this was never going to be updated!

    31 de Juliol de 2018
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    @abdulla_kw Car was almost perfect but I had to downgrade my vote after becoming upset at my disturbing discoveries... You get 2 stars for the overall design and quality but lose the rest to:
    1. There are unfinished, unused or broken modifications for the car
    2. The interior isn't even connected to the body of the car
    (look at the front of it and you'll notice that you can see through the edges of the window shield
    around the roof and side sections)
    3. The front mirror isn't even connected to the roof and you can also see through it
    4. The extras- side steps aren't necessary as selecting them in LSC will cause them to clip
    through the extras side steps if you have one spawned with extras
    5. The windows don't break properly and looks almost like there are 2 layers of glass
    6. Crashing the car and losing certain pieces reveal holes in the car and that parts aren't even connected
    @Faysal Sorry dude, there IS much NEED for many updates...

    02 de Juny de 2018
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    Flawless... Just flawless... The only good, working and well done Veloster on this site. The liveries are just a damn bonus!

    01 de Juny de 2018
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    @Motors Garage(Razor) LODs need work, mirror floats when front window is broken and not having GTA plates butchers it.

    01 de Juny de 2018
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    @Gta5KoRn You have to move the interior mirror since the front window breaks and leaves it just floating in the air. Also, there are so many holes in the car, especially around the light sections after they brake you can see right through it. You should plop it in ZMod, close those gaps and move the mirror forward to sit on the body of the car rather than the window.

    01 de Juny de 2018
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    @Swagger_1337 @_CP_ @Fappuccino Near perfect car but one let down... The light work could use some work. It has no reverse lights and the tail lights don't match and flicker when moving the camera. And by don't match I mean that you can see 2 round light orbs on a single, different shaped light cover.

    31 de Maig de 2018
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    This is the first time I've never given 3 or more stars to a vehicle mod. I am sad that this car wasn't a 5 star as I believe this car has potential however, the overall craftsmanship of the model, especially shown with the completely butchered rear is not nice. As for being a lore friendly vehicle too, I don't understand the change from the original Lampadati badges to the IRL Jaguar badges. Coming onto 3 years and still having these issues is very disappointing IMO. As I mentioned before- so much potential.

    30 de Maig de 2018
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    @Da7K, @Carrythxd, @Boywond ...Why are there no dials in the dashboard? You can see right through the car!! Remember to also check your vehicles in 1st person. This is directed to all authors, don't rush your projects, test the inside and out AND then publish them with perfection... Or to at least avoid odd bugs like this. I will deposit 5stars into this vehicle's account once the dashboard is fixed.

    28 de Maig de 2018
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    I see those duplicated lines were also fixed! I'm so excited for the next update! Maybe remove the trains category? I don't see the point of having them to be honest, we cannot use them, they spawn, fall, and that's it.

    27 de Maig de 2018
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    Just beautiful... I love it even more when these cars are released with no bugs too.

    25 de Maig de 2018