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  • Wade

    Bombs should be coming in next major release, also problem with changing office style is now fixed.
    I may add the mechanic in next release, just have to find some appropriate animations, so he doesn't just walk around.
    @What's a Username?
    Download the latest version 1.4.1 for the fix.

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  • Wade

    @Whats a Username?
    I will look into these bugs and hopefully have a fix out in the next day or two.

    Firstly you need to update your ScripthookDOTNet for the native
    as for the game version, i think the current online version is 1.4, so basically if you don't have the smugglers DLC, then you cant use this mod sorry.

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  • Wade

    Yes, sorry I accidentally changed part of the code that handles large aircraft, but it will be fixed in the next version which should be out in the next day or so, once I've ironed out a few little bugs in the new content.

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  • Wade

    Try removing your other mods to see if one of them is causing the problem, as I have never had any problems with Scaleform.

    03 de Novembre de 2017
  • Wade

    It should work as S.P.A assuming that can still run with the latest dlc.

    @Whats a Username
    I am currently working on adding the ability to interact with the TV and other props including the possibility of adding the security cameras, for the next release.

    Sorry, but i only coded for the storage of aircraft, and it would require a total rewrite to store other vehicles as well.

    It's possible that the part of the script that should spawn the for sale signs either crashed or didn't fire properly. Check your scripthook logs (if this happens again) to see if this is the case.

    03 de Novembre de 2017
  • Wade

    Sorry, i forgot to include a required file in the archive, you'll have to re-download (once it been approved) the newer version 1.02.1 with this file included

    29 de Octubre de 2017
  • Wade

    I'm currently working on making everything purchasable (hangars,hangar/vehicle mods), with the option to disable the upgrade costs, for those whose prefer them to be free

    27 de Octubre de 2017
  • Wade

    This is due to loading the online map, some single player props aren't loaded.(will add in next release)

    @Whats a Username?
    It's possible that that part of the script could have crashed for some reason,even though the rest of the mod was usable.
    Also I'm currently working on adding pricing for vehicle upgrades etc in next release.

    I have no problem with people sharing this mod on others sites.

    26 de Octubre de 2017
  • Wade

    Thanks for the info, tried it and it works perfect for the military planes. Shame it doesn't work on the Savage and Cargobob, but will include it in next release.
    Also working on adding purchase prices to upgrades etc.

    Yes this still applies, if any changes are required, I usually try to build the process into the script, or mention it in the change log.

    Actually, I use the vehicles hash number to spawn them (which is why unlike C*, Jetsam Cargobob's remain as Jetsam instead of reverting to military version like they do online) , so unfortunately unless you can give the add-on vehicle the same hash, then it wont spawn.

    24 de Octubre de 2017
  • Wade

    The camo textures on the Hydra,Lazer and Besra, are basically hard coded and probably removed when online by some undocumented function. (occasionally one may spawn without these textures, but there's no way to keep them off).

    23 de Octubre de 2017