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    @davidbcichon I like all of your suggestions.

    Regarding the ships you seek, we are adding two large ships in the next build. They will have an interior (which will be a map, so think of how the Mobile Operations Center works in GTA O).

    There is the Retribution from Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation. It should be impressive because both of those ships are quite large. You just need to make sure that you have enough space around you (LSIA amount of space. lel) when you spawn them. :D

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    @Alex106 New build seems to be working well from what I have tested. Theres a few things.
    1. I can't disable the office clutter.
    2. For some reason the decal on the floor isn't working for the hangar.
    3. The assistant duplicated (one is standing inside the one that is sitting in the chair).

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    If it is possible to remove turbulence, is it possible to have realistic turbulence? So on a sunny day there is no turbulence, but if theres a thunderstorm, there is a lot of turbulence.

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    @Alex106 I will check out the new update as soon as I get a chance. But one change I would make is make the ini file easier to read by adding white spaces.

    (Normally I wouldn't think that adding them would screw anything up, but I'm not 100% on that.)

    Also, regarding you wanting this to work with SP Garage, or by airbreaking into the interior for the CEO Office. You are going to have an issue with that one at the Maze Bank because the 3 garages collide with each other. At Maze Bank, you can only use 1 garage, the mod garage, and the CEO office. In Lom Bank West and Maze Bank West, there are other conflict issues over there too.

    Fortunately, there is one building that has no conflicting issues at all. The CEO office, Mod Garage, and all 3 Garages can be enabled at the same time. The Arcadius Business Center.

    Since you already have Maze Bank done, I recommend adding the Arcadius Business Center. You can easily make that one 100% SP Garage compatible. To be honest the Arcadius Buisness Center is the best choice because its curvy exterior matches the garage shape.

    Just don't forget about the office. But please, keep the Maze Bank in here as it is because 2 offices is better than 1. :D

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    @Alex106 The entrance/exit markers don't seem to work for the hangar when I am in a plane. Besides moving it to the other door, the marker should take up a larger area as I can't get the plane close enough to it to trigger the button prompt.

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    @JRod I love the idea of the cabin.

    Hopefully one day we will have one that is a single mesh so it those props can be used for more trees. :D

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    @MOHAMED FAISAL Do you have icons enabled in Open Interiors? I recommend disabling them.

    There is some sort of icon limit in SP. As scripts add icons, the Rockstar ones disappear. I hope someone finds a way to bypass this. In GTA Online, there are tons, and I remember back when I had clone hook with Open Interiors, the disappearing icons were not an issue in Online.

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    @darkphoenixxx So unlike jedijosh's sitting mod, this uses the real scenarios? Nice.

    I have to requests.
    -Can you add joypad support?
    -Any chance that a button prompt could be added?

    Nonetheless I will be installing this.

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    @Alex106 So far things look good. However, I have a few things.
    -I am unable to freely maneuver around the different areas of the office. The assistant isn't even there. I am hoping that we can just have enterance/exit triggers at all of the elevators in all of the rooms. We then get a menu which allows us to go between the office, the 3 garages, the mod shop, the ground, and the roof. Personally, I do not like Open Interior's marker placements.
    -Can we get full control over the office props? Personally, I do not like all that clutter.
    -Could we get an option to have the tower blip at the CEO office as well as for the biker clubhouse and biker buisnesses? Since the Open Interiors blips can be disabled, it would be nice to have since the Online markers are much more descriptive. (I already know where all the interiors are anyways so I can turn off the Open Interiors blips).
    -Markers that allow vehicles should also allow peds.
    -Instead of enabling the generators in the underground warehouse, can the special vehicles spawn there instead? Or at least give us the option to disable them as I'd like to spawn the vehicles there via Menyoo.

    So far this is all I have found for now. Hopefully you will find a way to make the interiors, prop sets, and markers 100% customizable via XML.

    Edit: So far it looks like the script has to be reloaded in order for full functionality to occur.
    -I'd like to remove the Exit to street/exit to rooftop marker since Open Interiors already has that.
    -If that XML feature could be added, I could practically use this mod to replace Open Interiors. That or downgrade Open Interiors to V4. This way the CEO offices and Biker stuff will be completely handled by this mod.
    -How do I not use a decal on the mod garage floor?
    -Your hangar exit marker is on the wrong side.
    -At Fort Zancudo, it would make more sense to spawn the player inside the elevator.
    -When entering the CEO office, it would make more sense if the player spawned in the hallway.
    -The other bunker hatches are missing.

    I hate to nitpick, but I like to have things have continuity with the way Rockstar did them in Online thus simulating them giving a crap about SP. So far you have done a fantastic job and I appreciate you creating this. :)

    Edit: I like the way you did the water flattening, regarding the fact that you only do it when the player is in the aircraft carrier interior. However, I noticed a super odd bug. It seems that when it is flattened, the texture is completely gone. Its just a reflection. Very strange because I haven't seen any other water flattening scripts do this. I do think there is a way you can change the water texture when flattening it, so it has the pool looking wave texture, or the ocean looking wave texture. It is doing the texture loss thing at the yachts too. None the less, I do like how you kept the ocean rough around the aircraft carrier and you don't flatten the water till you get close to the docking bay.

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    Where do you get the F14? I still can't find it anywhere.

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