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  • Fdabfa

    Is there a fix for where my gang members attack my Bodyguards? it happens all the time when either one starts to open fire, and they recognize each other as enemies despite both being allies to the Player entity. I've tried making the bodyguard ped friendly to the gang, but this doesn't seem to solve anything, it ends up looking like my gang's set tripping during a turf takeover.

    fa 3 dies
  • Fdabfa

    Instructions on the drill for the diamond statue in the glass case is wrong, it prompts me to press m1/lmb but there's nothing that happens. Holding the button, nothing happens either. The prompts for stealing the paintings are not there either, I had to press every key on my keyboard to learn that it was the arrow keys all along. The map blimps for management and mini vault still persist after you finish those objectives. There are no blimps for the objectives after these ones. There is also a persisting blimp in one of the tables on the first grabs you will go for. Enemies have no map blimps, so you'll suddenly just take damage from who knows where. Heist still continues even after you die, which makes no sense. It should fail. There are a lot of issues with this, which makes me not want to recommend this and advise the reader of this comment to find another mod. This one is not so good.

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  • Fdabfa

    it sometimes doesn't like to work, creating script errors. its great if it works though.

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  • Fdabfa

    Rated 4 stars just because lmao

    29 de Juliol de 2022
  • Fdabfa

    Has a decent amount of customization off the bat without the Casual Tifa addon, and she looks gorgeous.

    22 de Juliol de 2022
  • Fdabfa

    james never replied, most likely not yet lol

    25 de Abril de 2022
  • Fdabfa

    This would be really great if we saw the "Players" fight each other without the actual Player (you) involved in the first place. You should also make it so the "Players" would be less aggressive with the Player even if you try to help them out, its painful to get betrayed in 0.1 seconds if you don't have them hired yet.

    02 de Novembre de 2021
  • Fdabfa

    Thanks for reading @specialDude much appreciated :)

    21 de Octubre de 2021
  • Fdabfa

    Can you make a .ini file to change the hotkey at least? it kind of conflicts with the AddonPeds hotkey, making both menus appear.

    20 de Octubre de 2021
  • Fdabfa

    I love the car. Its handling is perfect and it really matches my driving style, especially when I cut a really sharp corner by drifting, or going on dirt roads like a rally car would, it suits me the best. Will never swap out my main car ever.

    13 de Octubre de 2021