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  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    Seems like after the new patch, I'm not able to have mod, only default stock (just the car itselfs with no mods).
    I am playing SP and was having many mods few month ago

    01 de Gener de 2021
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    Just want to let you know the gears is stuck on Neutral with the use of latest version Manual Transmission mod

    09 de Desembre de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    @shifuguru same, it crash TrainerV for me too, had been using this mod for very long though!!

    20 de Maig de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    @Expromights ya, then lose $49,999 the next month or 2 months ago

    14 de Maig de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    @mirko pozone
    Hey, try deleted "invalid objects" in your scripts folder, and then reinstall Map editor, i can finally get it to work after some hours of troubleshooting

    30 de Abril de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    someone pls help:
    [20:42:23] [ERROR] Failed to instantiate script MapEditor.MapEditor because constructor threw an exception: System.FormatException: Input string was not in a correct format.
    at System.Number.StringToNumber(String str, NumberStyles options, NumberBuffer& number, NumberFormatInfo info, Boolean parseDecimal)
    at System.Number.ParseInt32(String s, NumberStyles style, NumberFormatInfo info)
    at MapEditor.ObjectDatabase.LoadFromFile(String path, Dictionary`2& dictToLoadto)
    at MapEditor.MapEditor..ctor()

    26 de Abril de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    awesome map, sadly I couldn't load it, tried to troubleshoot but unable to solve it :C

    26 de Abril de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    Hey, after i install RCA it crash while loading into Story mode. my gta is a fresh modded with just VisualV + Natural Vision + PRSA atm. i think last year i used this mod it was fine until yesterday i tried to install it again

    05 de Gener de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    How am I getting FPS drop to capped at 45 fps after install this?

    03 de Gener de 2020
  • F6b116 stormbreakercover0

    @vans @meliodaf93, Hey both, i have similar crashes but before i had install it, it works, but this time i decided to redo the whole modding again due to graphics update, and this time, it doesn't work and it mention .asi error, so i tried to trial an error and find out that this map actually have issues, i tried other maps it works fine, no errors nothing.
    Appreciate if you can explain and guide me further. XD
    The whole time since you uploaded this, I've been using it, its great !!

    02 de Gener de 2020