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  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126


    24 de Maig de 2021
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    Same problem (for on foot bodyguards) as darkphoenixxx & hasiskarhu.

    22 de Maig de 2021
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    It crashes the (1.0.2245.0) game with this script: (1.1)
    And this problem is apparently not present by using instead: (1.0)
    Otherwise, thank you for this mod.
    Who does (notably) what I was research to do:
    blur deactivation of the pause menu

    22 de Maig de 2021
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    @James HortonCZ @Nikls
    And/Or other to whom it can be useful.


    With 7-Zip software,
    open and extract the mod installation file, nammed:
    c47f90-REALISM Enhanced Traffic And Driver AI.oiv
    Then open (with Notepad++ software) the file nammed: assembly.xml
    At the bottom of this one, we see the files name and their location:

    <add source="update\update.rpf\junctions.xml">common\data\levels\gta5\junctions.xml</add>
    <add source="update\update.rpf\vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta">common\data\ai\vehicleaihandlinginfo.meta</add>
    <add source="update\update.rpf\vehicleaitasks.ymt">x64\data\tune\vehicleaitasks.ymt</add>
    <add source="update\update.rpf\vehicletasks.ymt">x64\data\tune\vehicletasks.ymt</add>
    <add source="update\update.rpf\pedpersonality.ymt">x64\data\metadata\pedpersonality.ymt</add>

    With OpenIV software, remove (or replace) these (5) files, in 'mods' folder (in GTAV install folder).

    Of course supposing you haven't installed this mod, directly into the update.rpf file, instead of in 'mods' folder.
    If that's it, I hope you took care to make a update.rpf file copy, before install.

    Also, if you have other mods (installed before this one), which use one or more of these same files.
    So that they can continue to work, obviously you will have to correctly reinstall these mods, after uninstalling this one.

    20 de Maig de 2021
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    @rechkunov OK, you're welcome.

    01 de Febrer de 2021
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    @chanyeol08 @Spiralt @JakiShen

    Only the horn sound are disabled.
    In taxi vehicle, the horn function/button still working, but without sound.

    Forgot what?

    lol, thanks for your comment...

    27 de Desembre de 2020
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    Apparently, this mod creates a bug with the Mission #43 nammed: The Bus Assassination
    When the player enters in the bus, the mission fails, with the message/reason: "the bus has been destroyed"
    In reality the bus is not destroyed, but it is what is written.
    And after cancellation of the mission, the bus is placed at exactely the same location where the player have parked the vehicle with which he came to collect the bus.
    Without WeaponsRangeIncrease.asi file in gta5 folder, the problem goes away.

    29 de Novembre de 2020
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    Apparently and unfortunately, currently don't work.
    Like already said, player is spawned on foot with no vehicle to racing.

    10 de Novembre de 2020
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    @VoxR4710 You're welcome. Thanks. Don't worry.
    Indeed, it is quite boring. And yes, ever. It's systematic.
    Driverless for at least 2 types of vehicle.

    10 de Novembre de 2020
  • 6dd1f6 gtaiv tuffgong 126

    @chapstick @MarinLMSdz06 @littlefilms @DJ-LEXX

    Why not obviously/already.
    And otherwise, for several reasons or possibilities.
    Personally for example. I prefer when the vehicle drivers of the game die silently.
    Instead of the opposite. Systematically. In honking!

    His disables all horn sounds in the game.
    No more no less.

    Thanks all.

    05 de Novembre de 2020