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    Yeah, so randomly the trainer get's me out of the game...The weird one is, if i close the error (doesn't give a code, just saying it's an error) i can get back in the game, and play, but the trainer is disabled :-)))

    25 de Abril de 2020
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    Well, well, well......I can't post here the screenshot, but my Chrome doesn't even allow me to access the site....Author, what are you trying to pull here??? Can please any of the admins check this situation? Because this is weird, i never seen my web browser behave like that !!!
    Even on the EDGE browser i get the same result !!!

    01 de Febrer de 2020
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    Hi all and of course Zemanez.
    One question i have to ask, Why there is no "wanted" on or off option anymore????
    Because everytime i go nuts the stars are going as well :-))). On Menyoo trainer there is this option, na i was wondering why it dissapeared on this one???
    Thanks !!!

    06 de Maig de 2019
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    Cine e necunoscutul din al doilea loading screen ?

    31 de Octubre de 2018
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    Downloaded, loaded, and...NOPE!!! It's just a bunch of UFO's and a sheet of something in a form of a "something"....That's it !!!

    09 de Setembre de 2018
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    Mate, you can do some tuning on the game settings (or try the "recommended settings") which are suggested by the game according to the video card and of course the specs your rig have. After that you can go to video settings and fiddling with them. Here is a suggestion you might be interested with >>

    03 de Setembre de 2018
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    @marculu Mate, how the heck you manage to run GTA 5 with only 1 GB of video??? I have a 8 GB card and sometimes the game crashes :-))). Unless you purchase another video card with more memory i don't see how can you play decent on the rig that you have right now!
    Also, i searched on Google hot to optimize GTA 5 for my rig, you can do it for your's too :-)). There is a way to remove memory limits for GTA 5 (this will help you the most, search it on google).

    26 de Agost de 2018
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    @marculu You're right :-). I was just actually wanted to comment on that. I used to have issues with the memory limit that GTA 5 have, managed to overcome that, just to be able to use naturalvision mod :-)). Put that on top of the real cars pack that managed to install and believe me the game looks gorgeous...
    BTW @CALDERON GG Bro :-)). Nice work !!!

    24 de Agost de 2018
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    Ahhh, yeah, so the trainer is working until the point where i am spawning cars. The do spawn, but after 3 seconds they disappear...What in the hell is wrong with it??? Before the update worked flawlessly..:-((

    29 de Març de 2018
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    Yeah, sooooo download link is broken !!!

    03 de Febrer de 2018