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  • Franklin

    Hey i have 5 dealers now. when i get a new dealer and set them up and walk away they disappear and bottom left of screen says worker companion lost in red. what can I do to fix this ? thanks

    27 de Abril de 2023
  • Franklin

    Hey im having trouble with the mod showing up as the map button on my controller. Anyway you could help me change that? And how exactly would I do it? New to modding. I'd appreciate it thanks.

    25 de Abril de 2023
  • Franklin

    @kingneak85 have you updated the script? Cause i am crashing too but I am afraid of losing my dealers...

    16 de Desembre de 2021
  • Franklin

    Hey quick question, I see there is a new update for LS Life and I have the previous version. Is there any specific installation path that I need to take in order to not lose my dealers and such? I would really like to keep my dealers but also the game keeps crashing when im out dealing and I believe this is why...

    09 de Desembre de 2021
  • Franklin

    @ThatOneHick When i go there Im in the middle of the oceanb

    17 de Setembre de 2021
  • Franklin

    So this is just a skin? I cant physically be there in the game? Description should be more detailed...

    08 de Setembre de 2021
  • Franklin

    @diorxr Both have been updated. Still nothing..

    02 de Setembre de 2021
  • Franklin

    Hey Zee isnt showing up for me? Don't know what i did wrong. I followed two diff videos man

    01 de Setembre de 2021
  • Franklin

    Would like to install but this just has the instructions in it. I get that you have to download other things and the links are provided but the instructions are still unclear to me. I am trying to install the Villa mod but I need this mod in order for it to work. I have map editor but i dont think its the same as this? Idk new to modding. Any help would be appreciated.

    15 de Febrer de 2021
  • Franklin

    I dont have the autoloadmaps folder... but i have the map editor and scripts folder... am i missing something? help pls!

    14 de Febrer de 2021