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  • 4b826c untitled

    @RetroRadar If you have the latest audio oiv installed and the CJ Model already then no you should be okay.
    I re constructed the way the oiv installed was all and updated the loadingscreens oiv.
    included a manual uninstaller folder as well.
    I have finished all my cutscenes now, im just working on cleaning everything up over the missions etc.
    When i release the new mod you will need to install the new Audio OIVS.
    Which will be Freemode Audio, Missions Audio and Cutscenes audios OIVS.

    08 de Setembre de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    3 Cutscenes left - then cleaning up any missions etc.
    With CJS mouth not moving throughout cutscenes i can add extra audio where it would not be used by franklin it just depends where i use it in the cutscenes i have done a few so far that sound alot better with added audio in places that it works. I look forward to sharing the final mod with everyone i just want it to be as perfect as can be.
    there is atleast 4 cutscenes tho where I can not clone or change franklins audio as it has other speakers talking at the same time so im yet to figure these ones out i will list them when i have posted the mod if i still aint found a way to fix them.
    the cutscenes with trevor falling over franklins fence is one as franklin is laughing the whole time trevor speaks lol.
    If anyone knows how to split two speakers in audio PLEASE contact me on discord

    03 de Setembre de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    Still currently editing the last cutscenes to finish the mod .
    I will have a new update released hopefully before the end of the year

    25 de Agost de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    @SixThreeEight The purpose of the mod is a audio replacement for Franklin.
    Yes his mouth will move on the CJ model as franklin but only in game play/freemode.
    Mouth movements for addon peds DO NO WORK in cutscenes as the cutscenes were all motion captured for mouth movement etc.
    I am aslo 20 Cutscenes off completion for the Missions MOD for CJ. ALL missions and cutscenes will be voiced by Carl Johnson.

    13 de Agost de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled
  • 4b826c untitled

    Update: I have completed 58/125 cutscenes which include Franklin speaking now Carl Johnson.
    Cutscenes are taking a long time to do as i have to make sure everything is in sync.
    anything i change or replace can not effect the timestamps in the cutscenes or it will cause out of sync mouth movement.
    Also i realised with some cutscenes i was replacing Franklins voice with CJ i was loosing background noise when CJ speaks, this is due to the way i was editing the files i have since started doing a new way of editing them which should keep the background noise when needed, i have completed all my voice over work for the missions that needed a COMMS effect and i am very happy with the results especially for The Merry Weather Heist Offshore and Eye In the Sky and The Bureau Raid Roof Entry..
    As soon as a i finish the cutscenes then the whole game has been officially replaced lol i just need to clean things up.

    29 de Juliol de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    ANYONE WHO REDOWNLOADED THE OIV FIX PLEASE RE DOWNLOAD THEM AGAIN! Im a bot and forgot to add the JAW/HEAD fixes for Carl Johnson when in first person (if you are noticing a random jaw poping out his face in first person then that is why) my apologies for mess up.
    Just go to the google drive link or on your google drive look for "shared with me" and you should see my "CJReplacement2023OIVfix.rar" redownload this which is the file size of 3.8gb.
    Thank you all reading.
    I will comment on here when i have sorted more AUDIO out for MISSIONS and STRANGER & FREAKS.

    13 de Juliol de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    Lovely stuff mate been waiting for something like this to be use along side with my CJ Voice mod for franklin haha perfect now i can recruit the homies again! "HOMIES GET YOUR FAT ASS UP HERE AND STAY CLOSE!"

    11 de Juliol de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    I have uploaded the new OIVS and fixes to my google drive link (re download this mod for the download link to my google drive) it should be the same link, i have directly updated the last RAR with a new one named CJReplacement2023OIVfix.
    This does NOT include the new audio yet, i will upload missions when i have completed more and playtested them for any errors etc.
    Thank you all for reading.

    11 de Juliol de 2023
  • 4b826c untitled

    I have completed my work on the New OIV files, for better installation and have included a uninstaller with a read me for people to follow.
    Hope the new updates help some people, still no eta yet when i will post, i might directly update the google drive link instead of on here i'm not to sure yet, i want to be able to post with my new audio changes but i am no where near complete on that side yet.
    Make sure to be following updates on this mod for the next update, thank you all <3

    11 de Juliol de 2023