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If you ask someone what the golden era of police cars was, they'll probably answer the 90s with the Vapid Stanier, but before than, Declasse had the market grabbed all for itself with the Impaler LX, a car the size of a small room and the aerodynamics of a brick. But the problem began in 1993 when Vapid presented their Stanier, the begging of a legend in law enforcement, and Declasse didn't want to stay behind so they came up with the fourth generation of the Impaler, more aerodynamic, bigger even and another iconic police car in the ranks of the LSPD, specially amongst CRASH officers. In any case, these two lasted way more than they should've but in some places they are still kicking

This is a pack consisting on police versions of the Impaler LX and the Impaler SZ from the latest update. In principle they were gonna be standalone packs but since there was no point on being separated I put them together in a somewhat big pack. This is meant to replace my old Brigham pack since that model is now redundant with the introduction of the Impaler LX. I might even delete it. Anyway I hope you love this pack as much as I loved making it


-lspdimpalerold: LSPD Patrol Car
-lssdimpalerold: LSSD Cruiser
-sahpimpalerold: SAHP Cruiser

-lspdimp95: LSPD (MX7000 and Slicktop)
-lspdimp95a: LSPD (Aerodynic and TA)
-sheriffimp95: LSSD (MX7000)
-sheriffimp95a: LSSD (Jetsonic and Vector)
-sahpimp95: SAHP (Vector)
-sahpimp95a: SAHP (slicktop)
-dppdimp95: Del Perro PD


-Drag or Import the mod folder into your mods/update/x64/dlcpacks folder
-Add the entry "neo_polimpaler" into your mods/update/update.rpf/data/dlclist.xml file using OPENIV


-Release version


Impaler Models
-Rockstar Games: Original models
-neogeo39: Rework of both models, bug fixes, optimization, 1995 Impaler remapping, custom 1995 Impaler handling
-11john11: middle brake light
-Adam and Nee: Hubcaps
-Roostar: Enhanced Tires

Equipment and Parts
-11john11: Antennas, Console, Updated Coplite, LSSD Pushbar, Jetsonic lightbar, Vector feet
-Voltage: Aerodynic Lightbar
-Nacho: Edge lightbar
-Jacobmaate: SAHP Seal
-Adam and Nee: Traffic Advisor, MX feet, Enhanced LSPD Pushbars, MTD console, LSSD Cage, enhanced halogen texture
-neogeo39: enhanced Vector lightbar, SAHP rear deck TA setup, SAHP pushbar, LSSD bumper sticker, liveries
-Nee, Adam, neogeo39: Aerodynic lightbar edits, LSSD Cage edit
-Rockstar Games: various props
-AlexanderLB: Various decals

-11john11's modding team: Beta Testing, advice and help
-Suzuka, neogeo39, jsh_works: Screenshots

-Do not reupload anywhere else/modifiy/use in FiveM
-Do not exploit the contents of this modification for commercial, financial or personal gain or under any paywall/payment/premium package or monetization
-If I forgot someone on the credits please send private message
-If siren doesn't work change their ID or use this Script
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