San Andreas Auto Racing Championship Ultimate Pack [Menyoo] 7.0


San Andreas Auto Racing Championship (SAARC) Ultimate Pack contains many Championship Racing cars from Track cars to Stock cars to Rally cars for the entirety of San Andreas to see, with some being one-offs and cameos to real life cars.

My inspiration for this pack was "Skysder" with his "San Andreas Motorsports" Packs. I had made all cars presets in this pack, I didn't steal any.

Car Count:

Rules I set during this pack:

- Livery must have a number and sponsors
- Car must have adequate parts
- All cars must fit into a category

Warning: This mod will not be compatible with VELP as it gets rid of the wheels for some rally vehicles

All Racing Types in this pack

Track - Cars made for Asphalt Tracks
Retro Track - Retro and Classic cars made for Asphalt Tracks
Time Attack - Cars made for the best lap time on an Asphalt Track
Stock Car - Cars made for oval tracks, used by NASCAR
Classic Stock Car - Same as the last definition but from the 30s-70s time period
Rally - Cars made for Dirt, Sand, Snow, and Gravel
Baja - Trucks made for rallying/off-roading on harsh sandy terrain
Open Wheel - Like the name says, cars with exposed wheels
Gasser - Drag Racing with Hot rods
Go Kart - A mixture between a Racecar and an Open Wheel car made for Asphalt Tracks

Some One-Off cars you need to look out for:

(Track)Dewbachee Specter, #45 Corkers Baseball Club
(Retro Track)Dinka Jester Classic, #5 Xero
(Time Attack)Karin Sultan RS, #7 Redwood
(Rally)BF Club, #83 Dusche Gold
(Rally)Obey Omnis, #1 Globe Oil
(Baja)Vapid Riata, #9 Redwood
(Rally)Vulcar Nebula Turbo, #21 Hawaiian Snow
(Classic Stock Car)Declasse Tulip, #42 Badger
(Classic Stock Car)Declasse Vamos, #72 Flywheels
(Open Wheel)Progen PR4 Turbo, #21 Progen-Dinka
(Retro Track)Maxwell Asbo, #69 LS Benders
(And many more...)

Some Cameo cars you need to look out for

(Track)Annis Elegy Retro, #23 Meinmacht
(Classic Stock Car)Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom, #36 Barracho
(Stock Car)Many Hotring Sabres to count
(Rally)Karin Sultan Classic/RS/RS Classic, #-- Karin Performance
(Track)Pfister Comet S2, #47 Air Herler
(And many more...)


Grand Theft Auto V/menyooStuff/Vehicles

Drag and Drop the folder into the menyoo folder and enjoy!

Update Log:

-Added Jugular to "Track" and "Rally"

-Moved all Retro/Classic cars from "Track" to "Retro Track"
-Redone the 8F in the "Track"
-Added Dynasty, Sugoi, and Rebla GTS to "Rally"
-Added Coquette Classic, Mamba, Gauntlet Classic, and Dukes to "Retro Track"
-Added Specter to "Track"

-Redone the Itali GTB in "Track"
-Redone the Flash GT in "Rally"
-Added Zorrusso in "Track"
-Added Club in "Rally"
-Added "#32 LSC Rusty Hustler" in "Classic Stock Cars"

-Added new category, "Baja" (Inspiration from Skysder)
-Added Yosemite Rancher to "Baja"
-Added "#5 Bolt Burger Dukes" in "Retro Track"
-Changed "Trophy" to "Trophy Truck"

-Redone the Hotring Sabre in "Stock Car"

-Redone Cheburek in "Rally"
-Added new category, "Gasser"
-Added Peyote Gasser to "Gasser"

-Added Kanjo in "Retro Track
-Redone Thrax in "Track"
-Added more Thrax configs in "Track"
-Added Itali RSX in "Track"
-Added Brioso 300 and Weevil in "Retro Track"
-Added Brioso 300 in "Rally"
-Added Weevil in "Baja"
-Added new category, "Go Kart"
-Added Veto Classic and Veto Modern in "Go Kart"

-Added Weevil in "Classic Stock Cars"
-Added Banshee 900R in "Track"
-Added new category, "Racing Team Ramp Trucks"
-Added Slamtruck in "RTRT"

-Added 3 more Hustler configs in "Classic Stock Cars"
-Redone Weevil in "Classic Stock Cars"
-Redone Comet in "Rally"
-Added more Comet configs in "Rally"
-Redone Gauntlet Hellfire in "Stock Car"
-Added Gauntlet Hellfire in "Track"
-Added Drift Tampa in "Retro Track"
-Added new category, "Specialty Racing"
-Added Toreador to "Specialty Racing"
-Added Hermes in "Classic Stock Cars"

-Redone Penumbra FF in "Retro Track"
-Changed some lettering in "Retro Track"
-Redone Brioso in "Track"
-Added Penumbra FF in "Rally"
-Redone Deviant in "Retro Track"
-Added "#75 R.J. Farthings Deviant" in "Retro Track"
-Added Asbo in "Retro Track"

-Added Comet S2, Growler, Jester RR, Tailgater S, Cypher, and Vectre in "Track"
-Added Calico GTF, RT3000, Remus, Warrener HKR, ZR350, Previon, Dominator ASP & GTT in "Retro Track"
-Added Calico GTF, Futo GTX, Comet S2, Growler, and Sultan RS Classic in "Rally"
-Renamed most "Debris" sponsered cars to their correct sponser name "Eris"
-Removed "Specialty Racing" category

Me: Creating the presets for the cars
Mafins: For Menyoo
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