Simcade Handling (Supports: Smuggler's Run DLC) [.OIV] 4.1a



*** Supports up to latest DLC: Smuggler's Run DLC ***

**Important note: Please do not ask me to fix any erratic handling behavior that you might be having if you got a custom model installed for that handling line (includes add-on or replace). This mod was made specifically using vanilla models and I cannot guarantee that it will work for custom models.**

In an attempt to keep the text short (for your ease of reading and saving me time), I will include only the update log from previous version from now on, with maybe other side notes (also separated the text in the .txt files for easier reading)

*** Introduction and Highlights:
This mod provides a handling akin to Race Driver Grid or other type of semi-sim arcade racers such as Forza Horizon 3 that recently came out. The general focus for the physics of this mod currently is 70% realism and 30% arcade. All vehicles have been modified (including bikes, trucks, planes, helis, and boats). Helis and boats are still somewhat experimental as I'm still not sure what each value does yet. Bicycles have been touched slightly, but also still experimental...

Some quick highlight of this mod:
- Drag/gear limited realistic top speed for all vehicles, with realistic gear ratios.
- Realistic ABS model for cars and bikes, with older vehicles having no ABS.
- Realistic and accurate acceleration times for all vehicles except aircrafts and seacrafts.
- Semi-realistic grip and braking, with implemented downforce on certain vehicles. Vehicles feel fluid and enjoyable while still being challenging to drive quick and unique between vehicles.
- Overhauled motorbike handling, with higher degree of lean, and are now able to drift and do burnouts. No more bogging, and bikes feels tight and fast, and accurate to their RL counterparts (fantasy model handling are made either with information from my own interpretation or via the internet).
- Overhauled all ATVs. Feels pretty fast, but never ridden on an ATV before, so correct me if I interpreted the handling wrong, info was pulled from the internet...
- No auto-braking when free-wheeling, but still slows down naturally, making cruising possible and enjoyable.
- Realistic suspension for all vehicles, with no wheel clipping through the fenders when suspension is under load (going over a curb for example) with wheels turned (applies to stock ride height only).
- Increase in the roll-over risk for some vehicles.
- Entertaining levels of deformation with 3 different variants, core mod(entertaining), 200% more than core mod, and 300% more than core mod (feels kind of like paper…).
- Much faster fighter jets, and all planes being more challenging to pilot (less responsive) and significantly reduced turbulence.
- Realistic speeds for all planes using the Super Sonic mod.
- Overhauled surface materials grip levels to be semi-realistic, and removal of top speed limitation on certain surface materials (materials.dat).
- Faster traffic speeds for ai drivers, with changed handling flags for corresponding vehicle types.
- Support for all vehicles up to latest official DLC.
- And many other technical features I probably have left out, cause too lazy to write :P

Update Log:
- Include all DLC up to Smuggler's Run DLC
- Changes in grip and brakes again, to make brakes feel slightly stronger and making wheel lock ups (for cars that do not have ABS) and triggering the ABS appear more realistic and natural. Additionally, with these changes in grip, the AI also seems to drive a little bit better using the same, unchanged "Traffic Speed" file.
- Some major changes in suspension behavior to make it appear more pliable and have more body-roll rather than somewhat stiff looking in previous versions. Went over a few "speed bumps" near the hospital by the city with a mulitude of vehicles, suspension reacts as it should to speed bumps and are equally reactive in the bumpy Nordschleife track.
- Fixed some vehicles that were prone to roll over, like the duneloader.
- Added all newly included planes from the Smuggler's Run DLC into the realistic plane speed and adjusted their handling slightly to have more consistent handling at those speeds.
- Change deformation values to an increase of 250% and 500% instead of 200% and 300% in the last version, mainly because 200-300% weren't drastically different enough to warrant two deformation values.
- Bug fixes and slight tweaks to some other vehicles (in terms of power, aero, grip, top speed, etc.) based on lap times and feel through the Nordschleife and Spa Francorchamps race tracks.

- Include .OIV package for all three levels of deformation.

- ***Important*** Change settings in IKT's Inverse Power to allow Los Santos Customs modifications to have an effect while still maintaining the driftability of the vehicles. In short, tuned vehicles through Los Santos Customs or through trainers now see an actual performance increase, as oppose to before where performance upgrades did basically nothing with the Inverse Power mod enabled (see installation instructions)
***Below are the settings I use using ikt's InversePower.ini file with my handling mod***

Power = 100
Torque = 850
Angle = 250
Speed = 175
Slope = 130
Deadzone = 0.0

Debug = 0
DisableP = 1
DisableT = 0

***Note: Due to the increase in torque to keep wheels spinning, acceleration will be faster than specified depending on the handling file you are using. With my handling, acceleration were cut anywhere between 0.2-0.5 seconds from 0-62 mph.***

** Credits:

- 3ric2hew for identifying the bike traction control off.

- ikt's Real Time Editor, Manual Transmission and Inverse Power. These are pretty much the staple of mods when it comes to handling editing and driving enjoyment. Thank you very much for the amazing mods!

- InfamousSabre for his old, but still working and great Drift Assist mod.

- Killatomate's Realistic Driving V version 1.0 for serving as the base of this mod. However, since V1.0, everything has been completely overhauled and evolved into something that feels authentic to other racing games (at least in my opinion). Still (if you are reading this), thank you very much for your hard work.

- prince_linus for providing some awesome screenshots.

- TE_Prodigy for his awesome realistic racetracks which I took some screenshots with, and used them for handling tests.

- Mimile38 for the nice and long “Long Track” mod for testing acceleration and top speeds.

- Kryo4lex & TheSigui for the incredible Super Sonic mod, as I’ve used it to increase the top speeds of planes.

- And the rest of the modders who provided some very nice tracks to drive/test on.

Feedback is always welcome, though may take some time for me to reply due to work.

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