Chiliad Airport 5.0 civilian/military


-------Chiliad Airport 5.0 by PostaL-------

- Chiliad Airport 5.0 Main Requirements -

ScriptHook V
ScriptHook V .NET (not sure if you need this, but can't hurt to have it)
Menyoo PC
Map Editor

Chiliad Airport 5.0 Sidenote (READ PLEASE)

This Map has both versions for MapEditor and Menyoo PC. But you still need Menyoo to unlock the objects even if you only load the MapEditor version. I don't support gtamp-unlock-all-objects.asi!(old and often not working)
The MapEditor "high version" of this map(ChilAirpHigh.xml) is superior to the Menyoo version(ChilAirpHighMenyoo.xml). The MapEditor version has working dynamic doors/jetblast deflectors,
and the performance(fps) is better. The Menyoo version has better teleport markers though(with marker description tags). I added a separate vehicle map that has to be loaded through MapEditor.
You can load this vehicle map after you loaded the main map. I advice you to only use it on the low version map.
But im not sure yet how the performance will be for others if they load vehicles on high map. The high maps have high detailed interiors(tower/terminal). Because of 1781 props it can happen for some users that it won't load correctly(missing parts). Probably this is because there is no memory left for the game to use. In this case I advice to run as little other mods as possible and ofcourse have no other maps loaded.

In low version I removed the terminal interior but you can still go into a less detailed tower(low version doesn't have a bar and atcdesk).
The low version is great for outside flying fun. High fps. The outside is basically the same as in the high version. This version should load ok for everyone.
I added most collisions on the building some are missing though: tower roof,arcs, terminal some parts, but
its not too annoying.

Chiliad Airport 5.0 Map Version + Install Info


ChilAirpHigh.xml : 1781 props, 23 markers
ChilAirpLow.xml : 708 props, 8 markers

Install: Put map in main gta 5 folder --> Open mapeditor ingame(F7) --> select Load Map --> select file name in File chooser wait for the map to finish loading

Set draw distance to 3000 in MapEditor settings to see full airport from greater distances


ChilAirpHighMenyoo.xml : 1780 entities, 23 markers
ChilAirpLowMenyoo.xml : 708 entities, 8 markers

Install: Put map in gtamainfolder\menyooStuff\Spooner folder ---> Open menyoo ingame(F8) --> select object spooner --> select manage saved files --> select mapname --> select load placements and wait for loading to finish

Please press the like button on the website if you like my map.

------- Donation-------

It takes a lot of time to make these maps. I do it as a hobby and I like to share it with you. If you really like my work and think a donation is worth it you can do this by clicking my paypal button next to
my nickname "PostaL" on the website.

------- Chiliad Airport 5.0 Featuring -------

-Main runway
-Heli Platforms
-Two below deck fast launch military runways with Electromagnetic Aircract Launch System(EMALS)
plus Dynamic jet blast deflectors* (*mapeditor high version only) and launch ramp
-One below deck landing strip with Electromagnetic Advanced Arresting Gear (EAAG): Titan plane approved
-Ramp between decks(fits titan plane height don't know about other addon planes)
-Sightings tower bar/restaurant: took ideas from the original now closed Encounter Restaurant bar located in Theme Building at LAX
-ATC desk interior
-Fully decorated terminal interior: bag pickups, bars, customs, lounge and much more.
-Air bridge Gate to plane full interior
-Lots of teleport markers

Dot not reupload this file to another site without my permission!

------- Thank you note -------

mixtro : for helping me to learn how to load airport objects and his procopio international airport map that gave inspiration me to make this one.
skylinegtrfreak: for releasing awesome plane mods which I used in my screenshots

------- Enjoy Playing !!! -------
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