Custom Blips (Save Locations / Co-ordinates on Map) 2.2



Info :

  • This mod let's you add custom blips on your GTA 5 map.
  • Very useful if you add houses or interiors or maps to your game & want to give them Custom names & Icon (blip) on the map for easier access.
  • You can add as many blips as you want & can set any name & color you wish.
  • Default color for the blips is Random, however you can change it to any of the 7-8 colors available.
  • You can set any sprite/icon for the blips.
  • You can reload this script individually, without having to reload all the ScriptHookV-Net mods.
  • There's an option to import blips from saved files of previous versions of this script.
  • It can also import blips from Addon-Blips mod.

Hope you find it useful.
I am open to suggestions, kindly let me know in the comment section.
Good day :)

Installation :

  • Extract & copy the contents of the zip file to your "scripts" folder.
  • If you do not have a scripts folder, kindly create one in your GTA 5 game folder.
  • This mod relies on SciptHookVDotNet (, make sure you have the latest version.

That's it ! Just copy the files and Run the Game - you should see your custom blips on the map.

Tutorial : (Here's how to add a blip:)

1. Open the menu using Control-N.
2. Navigate & use the menu using up, down, backspace & enter keys.
3. Use the options to create or delete blips.

Keys Configuration : (All the keys can be changed from the in-game menu.)
  • Main Menu = Control N
  • Reload Script = Shift I
  • Show/Hide Blips = Shift Tab

Menu Navigation :
  • Use Control UP / Control DOWN in the sprites menu to navigate faster.

Changelog -

2.2 :
  • Fixed - Fixed - Faster navigation using the Control key was not working in the Sprites Menu inside of the Edit Blip Menu.

2.1 :
  • Fixed - The script was not working properly for some people who have the game language set as some language other than English. Now the script should work properly for all languages. Thanks to Luq ( for co-operating with me & having the patience while I repeatedly asked him for screenshots & log files etc, his help & time was crucial in fixing this bug for every non english user who will use this script.

2.0 :
  • Fixed - All bugs (hopefully), I can't find any bugs, if you do, let me know, I will fix it asap.
  • Added the options to edit blips, delete blips & teleport to blips.
  • General clean-up of code, now it runs smoothly with little to no impact on game.

1.2 :
  • Added the options to import blips from previous versions & Add-on Blips script by FifaSam.
  • Fixed - Blip persistence was not working properly sometimes.
  • Fixed - Blip sprite menu opened to first value in the list instead of opening on the default sprite set by me.
  • Fixed - Startup Message was showing up at times when it shouldn't.
  • Added - option to navigate quickly in Sprites List - Press Control UP/DOWN to navigate faster.
  • Sorted sprite names in Blip-Sprites.
  • Changed the default sprite for new blip to an animated one which looks much cooler.

1.1 :
  • Ok, completely changed & streamlined the code & blip management system yet again for better performance (no text file now, extremely stable & future proof)
  • Added in game menu for the whole thing (very user friendly) :
  • Completely changed the code and blip management system, now it works through a single text file (future proofing as I add more features)
  • Added the ability to set custom or random colors to the blips.
  • I thought about all the people who already have many text files created for different blips (either for Add-on Blips or the previous version of this script) & added backwards compatibity so that all the blips from those text files can be imported & a random color added to them.
  • Updated the SpriteList to now include over 600 sprites, previously they were just about 200.
  • Added the option to set modifiers to the shortcut keys.
  • Added an option to reload just this sript without having to reload the entire SciptHookVDotNet.
  • Fixed - The blips weren't being deleted on script reload, creating multiple copies of the same blip. :
  • Fixed - Blips were always persistent on the mini map even if they weren't selected. :
  • Initial release - port from Add-on Blips

Credits -

Alexander Blade for creating ScriptHookV
Crosire ( for creating ScriptHookV.Net
Justalemon ( for creating LemonUI.
FifaSam ( for creating AddonBlips which is the inspiration behind this mod (I was using his mod but found a few shortcomings so I created this).
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