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  • 742928 tatooine

    @Rafinha_015 You can find it in other websites :) Just search for the name at google or even the first image <3

    24 de Juny de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @_Jennie_ I gotta love how everyone's first excuse to justify a broken or logically wrong mod is "The mod is free.". Talking like if it's not paid then it is totally ok for it to be not good...

    I get that you are still at learning curve and I appreciate it personally you are bringing these for free but seriously .. Please stop going defensive on everyone with "free" who criticizes your mod.

    and just a word of advice, don't get offended by every bad words either. Sometimes you gotta just smile and move on :)

    21 de Juny de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @Aige So good and happy to see you back :)))) <3 Was missed you a lot <3

    The car has amazing handling by the by and very lovely quality <3

    16 de Juny de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @Aiakos Not really the answer you are looking for, but you can change the category to one of the slots that you are not using. hand category can be a good one since the rockstar use that category for parachutes.

    Just change the teef to hand in both model and texture, if you wish you can change their numbers from _026 to _000 so it will be like the default one.

    If you want an actual replacement though, you need to use Autodesk 3DS Max for it. Install it and Gims EVO, then export the hand model of the game to open formats along with this mod and import it into 3DS Max. Then click on hand, go to Editable Mesh at the top right and select Vertex (it is located under it, there are 5 blue buttons, it is the left one). After that click Attach (it is also located a bit down below), click on the nails and it will attach them to the hand.
    Unfortunately after that you need to use UNWrap UV to be able to combine nail textures inside the hand texture. Once that is done, you can Export the model with Gims EVO again (it is a plugin of Autodesk).

    Can watch Tobii's tutorials at YouTube as well, he has good tutorials about gta 5 modding with Autodesk. You need to waste some time for the learning curve however as 3DS Max is not exactly an easy to use program unfortunately :(

    04 de Juny de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @Suzerain001 You are welcome :)) I guess you can remove the colliding trees using CodeWalker :)

    10 de Maig de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @Suzerain001 From the last picture I see it's just above that factory area near Paleto Bay. Before you enter the Paleto Bay (Coming through from Chumash side) there is a small path trail goes towards the forest which leads to a factory. There was a mission there also where you were saving Lamar.

    10 de Maig de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @JAM102970 The spawn name of a vehicle is same with the .yft file. Just explore a bit what's inside of the thing you install :)

    14 de Abril de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @BigShaqNOKetchup I really love this update so so much <3 <3

    Would it be possible by the by make the interior visible from the outside? It's only showing curtains :( I was really liked the idea of having the interior visible from outside in the previous version :((

    04 de Abril de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    @Oskar I really loved this mod but when I change my character to something else it stops working until I restart the game :(

    Can you perhaps take a look at this? :/

    05 de Febrer de 2022
  • 742928 tatooine

    Nice mod but from the police chases I watched on youtube, it feels like 80% of people driving with their doors unlocked lol :D

    30 de Gener de 2022