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    @sjain Trailer is indeed awesome. The guy who made it was picked up by Rockstar themselves.

    @RAZ3R_BLAD3 Maybe you should learn how to properly install a mod. It looks exactly like those screenshots if you play in 4k or 5k. Not fully compatible with QuantV trainer.

    @nilalapitanako Hope you realize everytime you leave me the Pixar comment, it's actually a compliment. All the Pixar films are created using multiple render farms. That's why they look so great.

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    @AxelCj The red siren is fine and tested on all vanilla cars. No one else has complained about that recently.

    @reza bagusepti It's because you are an AMD user and your video card is overheating. I think some users managed to fix this by disabling the in-game MSAA and then enabling it again.

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    @Koala226 It's only like that in Overcast weather

    @MrStealthy \reshade-shaders\Presets

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    @everfresh I explained as much as I know inside the readme section. If you want more information about every function inside "timecyclemods.ini" then ask @robi29 as he created the script for me via request.

    @Takamiyaa You're running the game on a pirated copy. That could be the problem.

    @MrStealthy Doesn't effect FPS in a negative way.

    @XxKoreySuperGT The settings that come with this mod along with a few of the add-ons. All my screenshots are taken at 5k resolution via Nvidia DSR.

    @raptorek Decrease "fog_start" and increase "fog_density" in the timecycle files. This will also effect the sky color.

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    @RsMods Well, I did not create the ScriptHookDotNet script, so maybe you can ask the developer. Maybe you should just play without the script to avoid FPS loss.

    @Atros Not compatible

    @alienisme I assure you that bug is only on your end. Can't help you here as I don't know all the mods you have installed. My advice is to just do a clean install.

    1. Edit the "light_vehicle_intenity_scale" value in each timecycle value for daytime hours.
    2. Not possible without editing the dashboard texture and decreasing exposure.

    @Eyon I bet your issue doesn't even have to do with this mod. You probably have too many dlc's installed and need to edit dlclist.xml to fix it.

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    @69roadrunner Thanks man. I like the advice you're dropping for others. Most people have too many old mods installed, whether they are visual "enhancements" or scripts. This creates unnecessary problems. I built NVR to work over a clean vanilla version of the game.

    @GT-R Just install the new .OIV and add-on files on top of it

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    @adze_800 Thanks, I am glad you like it. Have a question though. Regarding this screenshot: - are you using a custom ReShade preset? I noticed the fog on the buildings in the background is tinted blue and I don't recall this in my mod.

    @Gta5KoRn I wouldn't have noticed if you didn't point that out. Third time being featured, pretty crazy. Thanks by the way!

    @YaBoiRexTillerson Yeah... maybe if you're running the game on a toaster with low settings. I understand that Rockstar added an unusual amount of fog to hide the crappy LODs, but it looks fine when you run it on ultra settings with proper anti-aliasing.

    @cobraromania You don't have to, but then again it doesn't hurt update.

    @DiamondSaints I haven't touched the clouds in Cloudy weather. I improved the clouds in Overcast weather for this update. The next NEXT update will improve upon Cloudy weather in a big way.

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    @endead Sounds like you're having memory related errors. Has nothing to do with this mod.

    @Takamiyaa After reviewing those screenshots, I don't see any of the ReShade .dll files in your game folder. Did you make sure to download them from the ReShade section of the readme?

    @RsMods Good to hear you solved the problem. I don't think ScriptHookVDotNet should cause FPS loss. If you're using ENB then try disabling the vsync and anti-aliasing options inside of it. Hope that helps.

    @Asahammer Well that's definitely a strange issue and the first I've heard of it. I'm going to go ahead and assume it's an isolated issue that you're having. Best suggestion is remove all trainers/scripts except for TrainerV and then run your game. If that doesn't work then just go for a clean install and delete your settings.xml in the C:\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTAV folder.

    @EclairSage You have a couple of weird files in your folder. Remove the following: ReShade64.dll, ScriptHookVDotNet2.dll, Sweet.fx and d3d11.dll. If you want to use ReShade or ENB in the future, then please follow the instructions in the readme so you can download the proper .dll files. If your game still crashes after doing all of this, then remove ALL of your .ASI scripts and put them back in one by one to determine which script is causing the game to crash.

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    @Royal Ares It will remove everything but the texture pack. You can remove the texture pack by opening dlclist.xml and removing the line that has "Vivid_NaturalVision" in it.

    @Skîdrow Just install the Texture Pack and overwrite any old files. It won't hurt. I included a few small updates to it and there are more on the way.

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