Audi S4 B6 2004 [ Add-On | Tuning | LODs | Template | VehFuncsV ] 1.0 hotfix


Models: Turn10 studios, Wanted188
Screenshots by: Kostelfranco, Reachy
Gear ratios by GreenAid
Torque map by TheAdmiester

Brought to you by the GVMA family

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you can find it here:

- Detailed stock model with all the necessary parts (enginebay, trunk etc...)
- LODs
- 27 tuning parts
- Vehfuncs support (windshield wipers and gauges) (Vehfuncs V is required
- Vertex paint based AO on the whole car
- All the base game features
and more

---- HOTFIX ----
- Ive added the template that i forgot to add

Recommended mods:

Tips on how to enjoy this car even more:
download VehFuncsV, custom torque map and custom gear ratios scripts and install them, youll find the appropriate configurations for them in a folder named "extras". just drop the sub folders of the extras folder into your game's directory and your'e good.
due to the annoying animation limitations that gta5 cars have and the lack of time and interest on my part to make custom animations, the steeringwheel obscures the gauges
if driving in first person view is important to you, download IKT's manual transmission mod and in its options enable the option to hide the player and the steeringwheel in first person view
you might as well download IKT's dynamic vehicle first person camera tool ( and adjust the view to your liking

if you dont like how long it takes the car to stop (or the handling in general), there are plenty of tips on how to edit handling meta configurations on the internet. a few minutes of reading and a couple of hours of tweaking and you will never depend on anyone for handling configurations.

the carbon-fiber texture may slightly change color between each spawn (its the price we pay for better looking carbon)

Installation instructions in the ReadMe!
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