Ballistic Balancer + Immediate NaturalMotion/Euphoria Tweaks 3.1



NPCs will balance their best based on the push of the bullets, their health, and whether or not they're tripping over themselves or the environment. Simple ragdoll for explosions, vehicle bailouts, and high falls.


3.0 No more standing when they're supposed to be dying.

2.0 Closed to finished again. May change headshots to full loose. Currently falling NPCs will go completely loose (as the majority of them are falling dead from a helicopter in my playthrough) as well as at the end of vehicle hits.

1.3 Added to the tunables section so that ALL NPCs have this ability.

1.2 After much research and a lot of testing (and some accidental crashing due to poor copy-paste strategy and screwing up the format), I made all the VANILLA tasks accessible within the ballistic functions of physicstasks. They balance as much as they can until they are injured enough to fall. I've watched them try to knee walk. Classes started back up so personally making a video has become hard to make time for (quick pistol video uploaded, potentially more to come but no ETA), but I honestly believe this is the best I could do using vanilla behaviour tasks without changing stayupright forces. I MIGHT look into modding it further, but this is, in my opinion, as close to this mod's final stage, if not THE final stage. Enjoy! And if someone wants to make a video in their spare time, I'd be appreciated (I'll eventually get around to it myself.) No longer changes anything to the behaviours.meta file

1.1 Tweaked the behaviours.meta file for more vanilla behaviors. Added values for falloverwall, created balanceindefinitely flags for nearly all bullets (while they're alive, I have no idea how to make them stay alive), as well as the ability to reach for lower extremities, head, and neck wounds in physicstasks. More arm and leg wound reactions, delayed leg weakening, and peds now have a far better balance threshold when shot from behind.

19-Dec-2016 - NEW VIDEO ADDED TO SHOW UPDATE (second video).


1. Extract the zip file someplace memorable.
2. Using OpenIV, navigate to update/update.rpf/x64/data/tune, right click "physicstasks.ymt", and select "Copy to 'mods' folder".
3. Right-click your newly created files in your "mods" folder, and replace with the extracted from step #1.
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