old gen/fixed Female Vagos 9.0


This mod fixes the female vagos voice glitch and uses their unused voiceline for the female vagos.

For some reason the original female vagos ped files from patchday3ng dont even used their own voicelines insted uses random voices from other peds like the female tourist voice in the game and sometimes theres this little glitch that they speak like male peds

It's a similar problem with male cops that rarely speak like women and that why I made this mod. i will update this file in the future.

and they also dont show up with jackets. the older gen of the game like ps3 and xbox 360 versions or much older versions of ps4 and xbox one that were on game discs versions saw them wearing jackets but was patched somewhere in the past but now that is fixed with this mod
this is the female vagos peds that should of been like when the game originaly came out in 2013.
forgot to say this when i made 2.0 that i swapped the pants texture so insted of A sandy B creamy C grey and D black colours i swapped them with A black B grey C creamy D sandy colours to my own prefences but still cant notice any difference in game.

10/01/2024 i have again made a mistake with 8.0 with the custom textures being the same so i made a decision to remove the awful previous versions below and make 7.0 the primary file until i fixed it.

start open iv and go to the following path
gta v/update/x64/dlcpacks/patchday3ng/dlc.rpf/x64/models/cdimages/patchday3ng.rpf and drop or relplace the 2 included files into it.

1.0 release (removed)

2.0 made ped to appear with check jacket and jbib (removed)

3.0 removed ydd and yft file as those files are not modified and not required you only need the ymt and ydd files for this mod to work. (removed)

4.0 added a new oppurtunity for custom textures by me. (still a working progress)
open the read me file in the custom texture folder for more infomation. (removed)

5.0 added some new textures including faces. and new eye puipls. (removed)

6.0 removed the custom texture because they looked hideous to me but still an opertunity for a few custom upper texture with no tatoo and no pounder shirt and relplaced a few other textures from a few other peds and redone the ytd file from x64v.rpf to still get the hideous custom textures by me just download 5.0 and install it. (removed)

7.0 fixed my fatal mistake with the custom texture oppurtunity as the textures were standard so i added the custom textures and added a option to have them appear in game without jackets like the stock models.

8.0 fixed all the bugs and edited legs/trousers/ in the custom option by me.

9.0 fixed a bug in custom option.

please do not reupload this file anywhere or use it to make money thank you.
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