Manual Transmission | Steering wheel support [Outdated] 5.6.1



Manual Transmission with steering wheel support for GTA V

Note: As of The Chop Shop DLC (b3095), this script is outdated. Please revert your game, or uninstall the mod.

  • Control over the transmission and drivetrain components
    • Sequential, H-pattern or custom automatic gearbox modes
    • Working clutch
    • Limited slip differential emulation

  • Steering wheel support, with force feedback, H-pattern shifter support and support for any combination of driving input devices
  • Enhanced support for keyboard/mouse and controllers
    • Customizable steering sensitivity and assist levels

  • Realistic active driver assists: ABS, traction control, stability control, launch control, cruise control and adaptive all-wheel drive
  • Customizable steering wheel rotation, with synchronized animations
  • Enhanced experience with other software and mods
    • Exports UDP telemetry in DiRT 4 format
    • API to read and control the mod

  • Extensive customizability of nearly every aspect of the mod using the in-game menu

  • Grand Theft Auto V (Preferably b2372) (Max reported to work is b3028)
  • ScriptHookV
  • DashHook (optional)

  • Put Gears.asi and the folder ManualTransmission in your GTA V folder (overwrite when asked)
  • Put DismembermentASI.asi by CamxxCore in your GTA V folder (if not already installed) (Optional, used for hiding the player head in custom FPV)
  • Read the README and configure the mod to your preferences with the in-game menu.
  • Use the in-game menu!
    • Wheel users: THERE ARE NO DEFAULTS.
    • You need to go into the menu and assign all axes and buttons you intend to use.
    • It's in Control -> Wheel & pedals -> Analog input setup and Control -> Wheel & pedals -> Button input setup

For FiveM, read this. There is no support for FiveM.
Questions, issue reports and requests regarding FiveM will be ignored.

  • Put Gears.asi and the folder ManualTransmission in your GTA V folder
  • Old settings do NOT need to be overwritten
  • Check the changelog for new or changed options

  • Menu opening:
    • Press [{ (US layout) (right of the "P" on most QWERTY keyboards)
    • Enter the "mtmenu" cheat (without quotes)
    • Press RB + B on your controller

  • Default keys: Check the options in the menu or check the readme

Feel free to change the menu keys and buttons to something more convenient! The default layout is for US-layout keyboards. You'll want to edit settings_menu.ini.

Recommended mods

Handling mods
The default grip levels cause the wheel to bounce left and right because they're too grippy.
These handlings have reduced grip to realistic levels, and are essential for playing with a wheel.

Generally, a lateral grip of about 1.0 should do well. You can use others - these are just the ones I've used and produced satisfying results.

  • ALWAYS include the following (use pastebin or something similar to post the files):
    • ManualTransmission/Gears.log
    • ManualTransmission/settings_general.ini
    • ManualTransmission/settings_wheel.ini
    • What kind of inputs (wheel/controller/keyboard) you're using
    • What you already tried to do

  • Incompatibilities with other mods: Pinpoint the issue and provide logs.

Known bugs and problems
  • Gears.asi doesn't load (in asiloader.log, or indicated otherwise)

  • Wheel force feedback is too responsive or missing
    • Install one of the handling mods referred to above
    • Check "Anti-dead force" in force feedback menu: Reduce when too responsive, increase when not responsive enough
    • Use a LUT and dial down forces.

  • Logitech G920 (NOT G29) crashing (Known issue)
    • At this moment cause is unknown. Try:
    • Remove ScriptHookVDotNet, or
    • Use RagePluginHook to launch, or
    • Remove/Downgrade/Upgrade G-Hub, or
    • Buy another wheel

  • Wheel is not detected or doesn't work properly
    • Check if your drivers are up to date and the wheel works for other games
    • Check if some other program isn't using your wheel (x360ce, etc)
    • Check if the wheel is detected in Gears.log (in the ManualTransmission folder)
    • If using Steam: Fix: Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings > Uncheck Generic Gamepad Configuration Support (Found by Kaerali)
    • If after the Steam fix, it does show in the log file, but registering an input is still not effective, restart Steam and/or your computer
    • Try another USB port!

  • Even without "Clutch & throttle start" enabled, pressing throttle starts the engine
    • Caused by game version v1.0.2545.0 and newer.
    • As of release 5.5.0, no workaround exists yet.
    • Consider downgrading to v1.0.2372.2 or older.

Thank you!
Thank you everybody who uses, helped and contributed in any way. Getting feedback from you only makes it better :)

Source code
Hosted on GitHub

Alternative downloads

Latest changelog (Most recent, includes all previous changelogs)



Big changes:

* Change traction control/launch control to use relative slip: TC/LC settings need to be updated
* Remove custom FPV camera, it's split off into another script

New stuff:

* Add support for proportional analog handbrakes
* Add option to use text instead of icons for assist indicators

Fixes and minor changes:
* Compatibility fixes for b2802 (Los Santos Drug Wars) thanks to **fingaweg** and **Disquse**!
* Always allow wheel and keyboard to trigger a shift
* Improve loading performance (Thanks **Zolika** for the improved string pattern search!)


New features:

* Horizon lock camera feature
* Pitch may be locked to horizon, vehicle or dynamic
* Add `MT_ToggleSteeringAnimation` to the API
* So other scripts can pause the steering animation, to play other animations

Bug fixes and other stuff:

* Fix typo in `settings_general.ini` -> \[Misc\] -> "UDPAddress" was mistyped as "UDPAddres"
* Fix custom ABS crashing on vehicles with more than or less than four wheels
* Fix clutch check skipped with Clutch & Throttle Start feature when in neutral
* Fix crash on reloading script with ScriptHookV, caused by pause detection for FFB cancelling
* Fix crash on loading in FiveM due to unused-but-initialized code
* Fix infinite loading in FiveM SP due to menu initialization code
* Active speed timers are now listed in the debug menu
* Add 2699 for FX_ASI_BUILD in FiveM

Known issues:

* Vehicles start when pressing throttle, regardless of settings
* This happens since GTA V build 2545. Previous versions are unaffected.
* No fix on mod side, I'd rather have Rockstar revert this change.

Thanks sfinktah for internal improvements in this update!

Full changelog available on GitHub

Usage in your YouTube videos
When you use this script in one of your videos, please link the mod in your video description.

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